WTF dude?

By Scarred for life - 04/02/2017 16:00 - United States - Eagle River

Today, I went on a blind date. The first words that came out of his mouth were, "Rape isn't that bad if you think about it." FML
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Say "Murder isn't bad if you don't like the person."


Say "Murder isn't bad if you don't like the person."

Whoa! I usually start off with some idle small-talk about the weather or traffic before I start joking about rape. Luckily, my dates usually end before entrees are ordered, so I save a fortune!

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me, especially if you talk the same way you tend to comment.

Some says Hii, some says bonjour and some says that...

Your response-a kick in the nuts isn't as bad as you think

Try something like the next time OP: "Good to know. My 250Lb martial arts dad can rape anyone messing up with his baby daughter." And walk out like a champ.

It says OP is male, but who knows with FML anymore.

I'm honestly astounded as to how anyone can ever think that's a good thing to say. What kind of worldview does that person have to say that on the first date? Interesting from a scientific perspective, horrifying from a personal perspective.

I imagine it would be a good thing to say for when you want to get out of a blind date as quickly as possible

What kind of world view does that person have to ever say that at all... like ever?

When he's getting ass raped in prison see if he feels the same...

I sincerely hope you left, immediately. Anyone who would be willing to say something like that out loud is someone to get (and stay) the hell away from.