By Moisdone - 14/04/2009 18:41 - United States

Today, I stumbled upon my boyfriend's Facebook. His second Facebook. On which I also stumbled upon his second girlfriend. FML
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mdoodo12 tells us more.

As OP I'd like to say a few things: -yes, there were pictures. very. very. clear cut. disturbing pictures. as well as equally disturbing comments and wall posts. -creating a second Facebook account, people, is as easy as creating a separate email address and using that for registration of a new account. -i was not stalking. we all have random bored moments where we start plugging in random names to see if it will come up. his friend's name came up. one of her friends was my boyfriend. hence the click on his profile. hence....all the rest that followed. -bizarrely, i did find it amusing. way way deep down. way way after i was finished gagging at work when i found it. -and to all: deception only creates more problems. whether with other people or with yourself, you'll fuck yourself over at the very least and barest minimum, psychologically. peace to all.

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Ooooh.. You should tell her too and then you should both write on your facebooks,"We're over asshole" haha

I'd send a message to his other girl friend... Just send both Facebook links to her.


oooomg girl,that sucks

oooooooo sorryy

mmm.... you stumble too much. lol

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Agreed with #34.

ouch asshole

Ooooh.. You should tell her too and then you should both write on your facebooks,"We're over asshole" haha

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Are you sure that it is him? I looked up my name once on facebook and there were at least 20 accounts with the exact same name as mine. Its actually kinda scary.

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He probably had the same profile pic or one with him in it so thats how she knew for sure

oh definitely would dump him .. what a complete asshole!!!

I feel a threesome coming on...

it is assholes like that who give us nice guys a bad rep!!! sorry to hear that

#9- i agree completely, i cant tell you how many times iv been rejected cus something like that happened to the girl and dosent trust guys anymore

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ooooooooh a 2facedbook BITCH THAT KID OUT!

wow, a cocky bastard you should also inform the other girlfriend, you know, just to screw with the bastard for being so cocky