By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was walking down the hall from the livingroom. I overheard my mom telling someone how proud she was of her baby girl and how much she loved her. I thought she was referring to my first ever all "A" report card. Turns out my new kitten used its litter box correctly for the first time. FML
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  Ajjas013  |  6

Maybe the cat gets straight A's.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

You're the same person who reenacted The Lion King, aren't you?
Except that's just your excuse for killing the at. It wasn't an accident.. It was murder.. =O

EDIT: It wasn't supposed to be a reply to this =/


I like how you spelled out "I KILLZ KITTY LION KINGZ STYLE" in macaroni art. But don't be offended when the cops don't put it on the fridge when they take you away for animal slaughter.

By the way finger painting in blood is not cool.

By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

Why would someone profess their love for their child over a report card?

Cats on the other hand are different and it warmed the cockles of my heart to see one of my kitties making a huge mess by scattering styrofoam packing peanuts all over the floor. Bless his little heart!

That said, it doesn't warm the cockles of my heart when one of them barfs at the top of the stairs (favorite spot to puke, too.)

  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

lol nah, I just think my two useless destructive balls of fur are adorable.

My sister pointed something out a while back- notice how in most cases, the only people that think their pets are cute are their owners, especially when it comes to dogs?

Also, cockles is a great word.