By Anonymous - 25/9/2020 16:01 - Australia - Brisbane

Prison Break

Today, I went to my daughter's best friends birthday party, only to find my ex there, who is now sleeping with the mother, who has a fiancé in prison, who isn't going to be happy when he gets out. Most awkward kids birthday party ever. FML
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By  ZeldaFlower  |  16

So many questions come to mind. How close is she to the mother? Did she miss a memo on them not getting married? How long is he in prison for— did they both decide it’s ok while he’s there? How does she know he will not be happy? She must be somewhat close, but not close enough for the mother to tell her much? What made it awkward other than being near the ex, and her assuming it was supposed to be a secret? Doesn’t seem like the mother tried to hide her boyfriend.