By Anonymous - 27/01/2015 01:43 - United States - Richmond

Today, as a volunteer tutor, I met up with a girl who needed help with calculus. When I introduced myself, she wrinkled up her face and said, "I'd hoped you'd be hotter." FML
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That's not a good sine. You might want to go off on a tangent and discuss manners with her.


And that should have been your cue to turn around and leave her to her own devices, OP! Nothing more infuriating then an idiot with an imperious personality.

#1 that would've been a good comeback. I'd say "you normally have to pay for the hot tutors, if I was hot do you think I'd be working for free?"

And you should have replied "And I hoped you wouldn't be such a little bitch, but we don't all get what we hoped for." :D

No wonder she need help with calculus, she probably only cares about dating and will probably end up a in a bad positing

That's not a good sine. You might want to go off on a tangent and discuss manners with her.

I came here to comment something clever, but after seeing this, what's the point?

Well if you can write a third joke for me I will cosine it.

I wanted to be work all the angles and maybe be complementary. With something like 'My, you're looking mighty acute today!' Yeah, I know it's geometry not calc, but hey.

It's okay #25. you tried, but puns just exceed your limits.

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It's OK to be a little squared when you try to derive a math pun out of a limited number of puns. you can get confused and miss the point sometimes.

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It's okay 22, puns can be triggy.

I'm sorry but the way you spelled sign is really bugging me. I have never seen it spelled that way before, sadly it's one of those dumb words you can't really sound out. Good advice though.

I can't tell if this is the best troll ever or if it's just plain stupidity.

I'm trying to derive a joke here, but I've lost my chain of thought.

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33, 35 and 54 are the only calc based puns, but hey, I love math puns! 49, don't hate, integrate.

I see 2 options. 1) "Good, then you won't be distracted and we can focus on the math." 2) just do the slow up and down, nod..." too..."

The second option sounds extremely tempting... But OP may be a kinder person than me and go with option 1.

I would've said, "you hoped I be hotter, but then by your wording still think I'm hot, let's plot my hotness for when the H is greater than 0 but less than 10"

A: Yeah well I kinda hoped you wouldn't be a bitch...

So weird. I might think these things, but wouldn't have the audacity to say it out loud. Especially in front of the other person like that. Like how can people behave this way? It's astounding...

I completely agree. I don't understand how people say this stuff out loud to someone else. Yes, we all may think it, but to say it to someone else's face? Crazy.

You'll be surprised at the shit people say to strangers, especially in big cities like DC or New York.

I'm sure she will like you a lot more when she is working at McDonald's and posting fml's all day complaining about her life while you get somewhere with yours.