By Anonymous - United States - Killington
Today, I found a wounded turkey in our backyard. I brought it inside, put it in a cage, and tended to its wounds. I then left. When I got back home, I smelled the wonderful aroma of my mother's cooking. She had prepared a turkey, the one I'd rescued. FML
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  MDTeddy  |  13

What kind of mother does that? Nobody said it was her turkey to take. If it isn't yours then don't touch it. She is dumb. You can't take back what is done. Also, I agree that it is too early for Thanksgiving unless in Canada and there shouldn't be a turkey on your plate until then.

  charvisioku  |  22

100: Why should there not be a turkey on their plate until thanksgiving? I eat turkey all the time... albeit in the form of fillets, but still. It's not exclusively for cooking on thanksgiving. You can eat turkey whenever the hell you want.


Turkey is like $.37 a pound, that is not expensive. However, this FML doesn't sound straight up hillbilly, so FYL for that. I mean who else could come home same day and find a rescued animal already prepped and cooking?!

  Neonemerld  |  21

It's quite hard to just "forget about it" while you're eating something you've invested time and affection into, and it wasn't intended to be eaten.

  LiterOfCola  |  16

My friend that grew up in the Philippines actually ate his pet rabbits and said they tasted good. His parents said they were chicken, and he didn't really care.

  KatjaM  |  15

I had a turkey as a pet and they aren't violent or stupid. He use to follow me around like a dog and no one in our family even thought about eating him.


#15- Some people like having turkeys as pets, and it's not your place to judge them for that. It's like when people say chickens are dumb, are only around to be eaten, etc. I own chickens, could never think about eating them. They each have distinctive personalities, they're quite brave and curious, and they're cute! Some people may feel that way about turkeys. Why judge turkeys so harshly? Just don't own them, if you have such a problem with them.