By Anonymous - 09/11/2009 19:03 - United States

Today, I was turned down for a job as a cashier at Best Buy. I worked like hell to get into and then graduate from one of the top Telecommunication schools in the country. I spent all my time with extracurriculars to help my resume instead of partying like my friends. I can't even be a cashier. FML
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perdix 29

You sound like a driven individual that will give a sustained effort to excel. You are clearly not Best Buy material. Take your rejection as a compliment.

its the damn economy, not your fault...


that sucks :(

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YDI for being a prude and not partying with your friends, BTW if you dont party with your friends I highly doubt it that they value you as a friend maybe somebody to cheat off on tests and copy you but hardly a friend

This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. If "friends" don't value somebody because they do not like to party or get wasted, then THEY are the ones who are not friends. Friends accept somebody, regardless of what they do or believe, and should respect them no matter what. As far as the FML. I feel you. I graduated the top of my class with a Bachelors Degree in History, I was in honors societies, etc. and I am now doing manual labor until I can find something. It's hard out there. Just don't give up.

Hey don't worry - I did a degree in Biomedical Science, got turned down by Macdonalds! Then got a real job as a microbiologist - you are too good for best buy no doubt.

analo_fml 8

you have to demonstrate you are good dealing with costumers, and your appearance is very important also.

Totally. Costumers like to work with people of a certain look, depending on the type of project they are designing costumes for. However, it is hard to say which type of look a costumer is seeking, since they create all kinds of costumes. Not sure what that has to do with this, though.

Jobs are tight right now, lots of people are feeling it. Don't sweat it and keep looking.

Godless50 0

thats not an FML...thats a "join the club"...happens to everyone dude, i have a bachelors in Game Art and Design...i work front desk at a hotel, why? b/c since major universities started offering game design programs, no one wants to hire someone who graduated from Westwood (which at the time, was the best school offering the program)

UnearthlyEnemy 9

become An Hero

******* hell, and i don't even usually swear! man up and stop ****** moaning! FIND ANOTHER JOB THEN?

evangldbrg 0

Why Best Buy? why not Dell or Microsoft or another big company?

Because it can take ages for the big companies to get back to you regarding your application status, and by then you've had to buy food, pay rent, etc. Crappy income is better than no income at all.

blland 0

why not apply to all?

Exactly my thoughts, even though it might take forever to get info from a big company, you apply all the same and then at least you might have a chance to quit the crappy job and get a better one.

its the damn economy, not your fault...

sublime93 0

Well that's suckish for you


@2 The **** your talking about? He wants a job as Cashier.

I want a job as cashier too.

perdix 29

You sound like a driven individual that will give a sustained effort to excel. You are clearly not Best Buy material. Take your rejection as a compliment.

If you have that education and the extracurricular activities, why aim for a career that students in high school can apply for? Try for another job.

Uh because he obviously isn't getting a better job right now.

I agree it's FYL, but most often with things like this it's because you haven't tailored your resume well enough for the company you're applying to. I graduated valedictorian of my college class, but I kept getting turned down for jobs as well until I learned how to effectively detail my resume for where I was applying. It can be particularly difficult when you're not applying to something directly in your field (I couldn't find any jobs in mine either!) but once you learn how, you'll see far more success. Good luck, you'll get there eventually.