By fartmaster - 22/04/2009 19:10 - United States

Today, I was in a tour group going through a cave and our guide stopped, turned off the lights, and told us to be quiet so we could feel absolute silence. I farted. FML
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I would be one of the people struggling not to laugh. That was perfectly timed.


washburn_fml 0

hahahaha that's awesome. if no one knew it was you for sure, then that's not an fml at all.

that's not a fml...that's just hilarious, unless you're a chick

Yeah, we all know it's funny if a guy farts, but disgusting if a "chick" does. >_>

Mars_bar123 0

HAHAHAHAHAH I guess you scared the living crap outta the people near you, atleast I wouldv been scared. Hearing nothing but complete silence and all the sudden hear a raging fart come out of nothing.

Sheer brilliance, this FML. Although it it would be almost impossible for anyone to know it was you unless you were standing in a significantly different spot than the rest of the group.

-_- how? You must've been twelve when you wrote this comment.Everyone farts. Even you. Staying back and judging people who do doesn't make you cool.

vee_baby 0

im sure no one knew- if the lights were out. (; still, that's hilarious.. i'm sure people just thought you were trying to be a smart alleck about it.

your life is great if you pulled it off without anybody knowing it was you lol

well at least it was dark.. good luck to anyone trying to prove it

Yes, standing in a spot seperated from the group with an embarrased look on your face. Who's gonna know?

cryssycakesx3 22

those people must have night vision if they were able to see him.

jess_138 0

hahahahahahah you should've blamed looked at the person next to you with a what the **** expression on your face

I'v seen an fml to contredict what you just suggested. The guy who tried to give the "wtf look" to a random person in the elevator got busted because the guy yelled back at him saying "It was this asshole!"

#3, you're an asshole! But yeah, that's freaking funny!