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If they're into it, they could role-play and give names for each others' parts... like, Yoshi's gonna tongue her Koopa

Even though Koopa wouldn't work in that context, I don't care.

Or he could just go the Patton Oswalt route. "When Captain Frosting gets done with your hairy bingle-bangle, it's gonna look like a rat in a rainstorm when I'm all done with my love paint!"


hahaha i agree with #4 down there, i would SO wanna do this guy just for the hilariousness of it all.
But i thought this would be more relevant to #1:
please watch
hahaa its a super mario sex tape from the geniuses @ college!!!!

  Sygonus  |  0

Agreed, this is great. The OP needs to get a sense of humour. I'm tired of all these FMLs about sex where someone's significant other will do/say something funny, and they'll complain about it.

  CL41RE  |  0

............(  )l(  )/............... 

Maybe that got messed up, sent from my iPod.

  nerdlover  |  0


My boyfriend is named David as well and is a uber nerd too.

One night when it was particularly dark in our room and we had been fooling around just as hes about to thrust in me he says "I'm going to hump the darkness!" yea mood was ruined for a good 10 minutes by giggling.

  hilda_kitty  |  16

Completely agreed, 1, completely agreed...

OP, how is this an FML? I know it's probably not the most arousing thing to hear in the middle of great sex but I think anyone with at least a little bit of humor in them would piss themselves laughing. Man that was a long sentence.

  depechemode  |  0

He sounds awesome indeed, buuhuut... the trying could imply it was their first time.... When I had sex for the first time, I would have died of shame and agony if my bf said something like that.. But, on the other hand, it sure makes it memorable.

  onigiriqueen  |  0

#66: you would have died of shame? Are you really that pathetic?

OP: Marry him. But if you REALLY think that this constitutes an FML, leave him for a better fisherwoman to catch. You don't deserve him.

  xXLenaXx  |  0

the bf is amazing! :D i'm still wetting myself :D

and #66, i think the "trying" implied they were about to, but didn't get there due to the mood-kill.

(which i don't understand, coz the more my bf acts goofy and dorky, the more i giggle, and the more it lightens the mood for both of us :))

  stixjd90  |  0

no, i am not high. but i believe the post was about what her boyfriend said to her, and didn't concern anyone's genitals, therefore your comment wasn't really related to it. and whether it was related to the post or not, it was still rude.

  Emma_91  |  0

@ 187
Chill out. This is FML, you obviously haven't been here long or else you'd know these types of comments are extremely common. I doubt #7 was being serious. -_-