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Today, my boyfriend turned down a job that would have more than doubled his income because he didn't want to upset his current boss by quitting. FML
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Ok, some details, My boyfriend is a truck driver, the job he was offered would have meant a dedicated run instead of what he does now, which is just hoping that the workers get his load ready in time, otherwise he ends up losing a day of work, he already knows that he gets paid less than most of the other drivers in our area. The biggest problem is that his boss is his stepfather and he felt like he would be leaving him high and dry. And I totally agree that money isn't everything, but this new job meant not just more money but also more home time to spend with me and our daughter. On the upside though after I sent this one we sat down and had a long talk and he did decide to take the new job after all (I think it helped that the new place told him they were going to buy him a new truck!).

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JMichael 25

It's not always about the money

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I think he may need to grow a pair.


larrena2377 26

I think he may need to grow a pair.

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Agreed, sounds like he's a total wuss.

Or, you know, she could try not being greedy and accept and love him for who he is and what choices he makes. But, maybe I'm just crazy and think his job choice isn't his girlfriends FML.

Maybe because it wasnt meant to be?!

What if they live together on a paycheck to paycheck budget? Not everybody has well paying jobs. If the above situation is true then it makes sense that OP would want him to take the job. Also, not quitting to avoid upsetting the boss is kinda dumb, unless it's a family member, and considering that OP posted this I would assume that they would greatly enjoy an upgrade it their quality of living.

You can live free and do what you want, when you live alone. Once other people have to rely on you and your job choices your ******* happiness means jack shit. If you want to be poor to be happy you can be all you want, but you won't be anything but single.

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Plot twist: He's cheating on OP with the boss's daughter.

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Well that would be his i'm really hoping not lol

JMichael 25

It's not always about the money

Very true. It's also his life, so if he wants the lower paying job it's his call.

A guy shouldn't be judged by how much money he makes, but by how comfortable and happy he is. You're even lucky to be in his life if you think your life is ******.

Some people don't want the added responsibility and stress that goes with higher paying jobs. I took a decent pay cut one time when changing jobs because the first one had me stressed out to the point of physical illness a and I needed a break. Though the lower paying one did have the opportunity to morph into more money then I was originally making from department growth. Being the first, they wanted me to run it when it grew.

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Money does matter if your struggling to buy food

Looking at the FML, it says that the reason he turned down the job is because he didn't want to upset his current boss. Now assuming there isn't any other hidden motive, then I agree completely with #1 in that he definitely needs to grow a pair. If he's too afraid to simply tell his boss that he wants to quit, what else will he pass up on in life because of his fear and lack of balls?

Yes I agree it is not always about money, but come on...refusal of higher income? No, thats simply not normal to me...

This is a good point. If he liked the job/something about working where he was at the time, why leave?

He has a family he needs to support. You guys all sound ridiculously selfish to think you should keep a lower paying job when you are responsible for supporting other people than yourself. what if your father when you were a kid decided he would be much happier if your family lived in a box?

how do you know he has a family to support? it just says "boyfriend" doesn't say they have a child together, or even life together...and just because its a lower paying.job than the one he was offered doesn't mean its so low that he CANT support said family. As usual in FML..wr simply don't know the entire story

I see that now but at the time I posted had not seen the follow up and was just going by what the original post said

At least OP's boyfriend is considerate of other people. That's a good quality to have!

If he quit he wouldn't have to deal with his old bosses anger! Doesn't he realize that?

larrena2377 26

The FML said OPs boyfriend didn't want to upset his boss, not that the boss had anger issues. My boss and I were good friends and he was very upset when I had to leave my job.

Where I'm this FML does it say that his boss has anger issues?

#25 Not implying he has anger issues. However yes, this is a good point. #27 Again, not saying he has anger issues, but when I think of "upset" one of the first things to come to mind is anger. Anyways, being angry doesn't mean he has anger issues.

Maybe that's an excuse and he actually enjoys his current job.

That is true, but wouldn't he apply for jobs he either enjoyed or was good at? If course, assuming he applied and didn't just get an offer out of the blue. However, in the FML it sounds like the latter, an offer out of the blue.

Not sure why you clicked validate on that comment, #9. You just concluded the opposite of your argument.

#22 Are you talking about my other post, or just the one you replied to? If the first is correct, can't I look at both sides of the coin? If the second is correct, yes I may have gone over it a couple times and still not corrected "of" to "if", but I don't really see any contradictory points? Please elaborate so that I can either admit being wrong, or discuss what was said. Also, I don't like to think of this site as an "argument" but more of a place to discuss. However, sometimes I could certainly say this site is about arguing. I've seen some pretty heated debates. Also, feels like that comment was a little bit mean, then again, this is FML. Feel free to nitpick out anything wrong with my argument. ( Not joking )

There has to be more to this than we are hearing, like maybe boyfriend didn't like what the new job would have entailed.

It is if you support other people. Not saying that OP is dependent.

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Seems like he care about his current position. Maybe he's happy with his current job? You better have a job you like and get paid less than a job you hate going to every morning.

Maybe he really enjoys his current job. I would rather have a job I enjoy with people I like than a higher paying one I didn't like.