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Today, I found out I was passed over for the promotion I've wanted for 9 months at the fast food restaurant I work in. Who got the job? The 16 year old girl I trained 2 weeks ago. Their excuse was, "She has ambition." I'm going to college for food service management. She failed her drug test. FML
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$100 she's sucking your managers french fry

She's still working there even though she failed a drug test?


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Served a pile of misfortune. And Big Macs. And McFlurries to sweeten the blow

OP can't afford to pay for that serve with no pay raise.

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Not sure why this got thumbed down

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How did you get anything sexual out of this FML?

Apparently the mention of the girl being 16 did. Run children, #3 isn't safe.

A 16 year old girl who failed a drug test gaining a promotion over someone whos more qualified and has been working there longer? What do YOU think of it.

Not everyone sleeps with their boss to get a promotion.

If a teacher looks at your ass and gives you an A, it doesnt mean you had sex.

Unfortunately this is the thought of some guys: "Hot chick made eye contact, I guess we're dating now..."

48- seriously, what point are you trying to get across??

whiteboy896 9

The **** is this chick talkin about?

I think she's trying to say the young girl received the promotion because the boss thinks she's attractive, and may possibly have sexual intent. Still a really big jump, as there could be a million other possibilities. That's also not valid 'sexual harassment'.

jaycee1209 5

#48, Have you thought about the possibilities of the boss actually being a woman? The girl getting the promotion doesn't mean it has to be due to sexual harassment or anything in that area.

"I got a higher position and a raise for doing nothing! you're sexually harassing me!" yup. That would fly like a lead balloon.. ..

Sexism goes both ways you know... Regardless, I don't believe this has to do with sexism or sexual harassment.

I don't know why you're getting so many down votes, the first thing I thought of is someone higher up likes the 16 year old.

I'm not trying to imply that correlation equals causation, but I worked at a movie theater for over 8 years with no promotion, monetary or positional, and I saw managers come and go as the years passed. Roughly 90% of the females that were promoted to manager positions were intentionally given the promotion within 4 months because the general manager had deliberate romantic intentions. How do I know this for a fact, you may ask? He was brought into corporate light about his personal relationships with those girls who he'd promoted to manager within a year and were still in high school. If that's not enough indication, he had personal (and quite uncomfortable) conversations with me about how attractive they were in the Victoria's Secret undies that he'd bought for them on their first dates (I had a reputation at the theater for being extremely non-judgmental). And, as no shock to the rest of us, he's currently dating a girl who once worked at the theater and ended up quitting just so she could date him and avoid flak for it at said theater. With that being said, it wouldn't surprise me slightly if OP's situation ultimately turns into my past experience.

It sucks that if a women gets a promotion, deserved or otherwise, people jump to the conclusion they slept with someone to get it. Especially if they're promoted over a man. Almost never assumed when males are promoted unless there's evidence.

She's still working there even though she failed a drug test?

If I failed a drug test, I'd be unemployed. Sorry OP! wtf is wrong w/ your boss??

I honestly wouldn't want to work at a place with those kind of standards.

I work at McDonald's and people come to work high/drunk all the time. I'm guessing it was not a work-issued test.

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This sounds like a ploy for the creepy boss to get closer to the girl...

Glad you can afford that choice. In food service, OP probably can't.

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A guy at my work still got hired after failing the interview drug test. It happens, I guess.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

27- So that's why my order is always wrong?

Well, let's hope the hot frying oil doesn't get /accidentally/ spilt.

That isn't even right. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that your manager just might be a male. Though if they are, he doesn't make the rest of us look very good.

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$100 she's sucking your managers french fry

RKD 23

HA HA HA hope he wrapped his whopper before he gave it to her!

yeah..I was thinking the same thing #170.... either that or... she has "potential" for back office rendezvous.

Is nobody considering that maybe the job in question is dead end and the company thinks they can trap and mold a 16-year-old druggie, whereas the college grad would have better opportunities?

No I'm thinking the boss molded the 16 year old over his couch a few times and that's why she got the promotion. Nothing company oriented about this.

Its quite possible, but theres no way we can tell. Employers sometimes like employees who havent had any prior experience, as they can teach them "their way".

Without some info from OP we won't find out. If it is a dead end job, then its probably for the best that they gave it to the 16 year old. With OP's degree, OP can do much better.

crazydave1998 6

exactly.. why train a college student who is gong to leave... then they have to retrain another..

#62, OP is going to college for FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT. I think he plans on moving up in the company rather than leaving.

She's got enough ambition to use her mouth. Maybe you should do the same

Just because one person might be "working" for the promotion doesn't mean they both should.