By Anonymous - 19/10/2010 06:37 - Australia

Today, I discovered the top I'm wearing becomes completely see-through when it rains. I just got caught in a storm on my lunch break, and still have 3 hours of work to go in my male dominated office. FML
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Ooh, sux to be you... good for them, bad for you. guess they got a show.

Please! Don't act as if you don't love it!


Not first! :D

Well... Like u said xD MAYBE

Ok...I live in Perth, West Aus, and it hasn't done more than sprinkle in effing forever> the last storm was in March. I have to call BS

i know right ? like she doesnt KNOW that would happen. i swear women do things like this to gain attention ALL the time in life hahaha

@ #39Try again retard. It bucketed down in the CBD at 11:30 today. Not to mention how humid and overcast it was all morning.

Ooh, sux to be you... good for them, bad for you. guess they got a show.

what happened to 1 & 2? they were there before. ah well... my iPod app makes comments disappear all the time, throws away comments I make... etc.

ydi for wearing a shirt to work.

It's a good day to ask for a raise!

good time to ask for a raise ;)

And 44 stole 10's joke. It's gonna happen. Even I was thinking the same thing when I read the post.

23 wins lol

hehehe i tought exactly the same

friends with benifits!!!

Benefits* And what friends? What are you even talking about?

"Coworkers with benefits" just doesn't quite roll off the tongue? Or it could just be an utter fail. That's always possible.

Sounds like a storm in a tea cup. One day you'll look back at it and laugh!

Technically, in this case it's a storm in a C cup.

Lmao! ^Win!

I love how well the picture works with the comment^^ :) love that movie though

always keep a sweater at work.

um, or pics or it didn't happen... that's what I always hear... I mean read.

Please! Don't act as if you don't love it!

Yeah, because there's no way she's a smart woman and a hard worker, as long as she's putting her body on display for every man to stare at and objectify with their perverted fantasies, right?

See, 115 totally gets it... What, sarcasm? Booo

I concur with that statement

Australia is having a good influx of FML's ;P Apparently a shit-storm is circling over the island nation...stay tuned for weather updates. Maybe today is a good day to go ask for a raise!

Maybe Australia is having a bad day because the day is actually over, and people have gone home and posted their FML's?