By tantanpanda - United States
Today, I was swimming my routine laps at the gym's pool and a man came in and swam in the adjacent lane. While swimming freestyle, I smelled a really nasty fart. Not a minute later, he hurriedly left. I didn't realize what he had done until I saw "floating particles" in the water. FML
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  annie_zoo  |  27

forget the shower, I'd go for 10 gallons of bleach.

  Welshite  |  39

There's a new study out that says eye irritation from swimming pools is mostly caused by urine in the water. Also, people with diarrhea swim and manage to sicken others.

Public swimming pools are wonderful things aren't they?

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I honestly feel really bad for the guy. It's not like he planned on going to the pool and crapping himself. He must've been so embarrassed! And let's be honest, what can you do but run away as quickly as possible? It's not like owning up that the diarrhea is yours can make the situation any better. He had no other option other than running. We've all had situations where diarrhea or bowel issues have you running to the bathroom and just making it in time. It sounds like in this situation, the diarrhea won. Poor guy. And yes, definitely f op's life too!

  lulinator  |  40

I think particles are worse. Snickers bars you can scoop up. Kind of hard to scoop up small floaties. My stomach is heaving just writing/thinking about this.