By KimberleyIrene - 20/07/2009 22:35 - Canada

Today, I was supposed to hear back from a job I interviewed for. The guy called me and told me I got it. I said "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" He responded with "You're welcome Emily". My name isn't Emily, it's Kim. He got the numbers mixed up. FML
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soulfhood24 0

Change your name to Emily.

Pull a George Costanza and just show up for the job.


soulfhood24 0

Change your name to Emily.

Imawhalerider 0

incognito job steal. steal that identity, get pictures and stuff. start to look like her and know her. then you got the job

cucuto89 0

nah, imo just go into work tomorrow and be like eh... wassup

Emberlin 0

Why didn't the boss man say "Hi Emily, this is ____" when she picked up the phone? That's HIS fault for not calling her by her name early on so that Kim could get a clue

Oh, man, that really sucks.

That really sucks

Pull a George Costanza and just show up for the job.

z0mb130v3rl0rd 0

Ha ha you should go along with it. Then while you're there you could call everyone else there by the wrong name.

codyxfail 0

Except they have Emily's contact info and will most likely send her money from the job she isn't even working.

*LMAO* That would be awesome ^^ While being unemployed, one could pull that off just to see how long it lasts *gg*

cucuto89 0

why would they take her payroll info before she had the job?

z0mb130v3rl0rd 0


Just take the job!! His own fault he called the wrong person.

alexgisforme3 0

lol omgggg well who got it?

crownme 0

I agree w. # 6! Just take it

yeah, id just show up. go ahead, whats the worst that could happen? very least your showing initiative.

Why so picky about what name they call you? At my job, they call me "Shithead," but I can still cash my paycheck, so I don't bother to correct them.

6SiC6Magg0tKnot 0

YDI for being canadian, inbred.

Shut the fuck up, stop calling Canadians inbred, I'm not Canadian but they are not all inbred like you.

codyxfail 0

No, they really are. The population of canada is less than 9,000.

You're no better than he is if you generalize Americans like that.