By KimberleyIrene - Canada
Today, I was supposed to hear back from a job I interviewed for. The guy called me and told me I got it. I said "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" He responded with "You're welcome Emily". My name isn't Emily, it's Kim. He got the numbers mixed up. FML
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  Emberlin  |  0

Why didn't the boss man say "Hi Emily, this is ____" when she picked up the phone? That's HIS fault for not calling her by her name early on so that Kim could get a clue

  caligurls  |  0

him: ur welcome, Emily
you: oh, Emily?? she died last week but that's k, I'll cover for her

they ask u for ur number when
they call they go "is this ****"
anyways, nice try. good FML

By  plexico  |  3

Why so picky about what name they call you? At my job, they call me "Shithead," but I can still cash my paycheck, so I don't bother to correct them.