By Anonymous - Canada - Burnaby
Today, after months of job hunting, I finally got a phone interview with a company. Excited, I prepared for the interview and conducted extensive research on the company. The interview ended within a minute. They'd got the wrong person. FML
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  v8nick97  |  11

OP had applied for the job, but they accidentally called him instead of one of the other guys that applied. How else could they have known his name and phone number?

By  DocBastard  |  38

Nah, they just told you that had the wrong guy. Actually, they were terrified of your anal over-preparation and ended the interview prematurely.

People like you make all the under-achievers look bad.

  amisenho  |  11

Well, OP didn't get that job in the other FML because she was obviously coached through the interview process. I knew it; mediocrity in the job market is where it's at these days.

By  Ninjin1986  |  23

That sucks and getting your hopes up is even worse than just being rejected right away. But you wouldn't want to work for a company that unorganized anyway, right?! Good job for preparing though and good luck for your future job search!

By  slyde32  |  12

don't worry, op. I went ages without employment despite trying very hard to get something, anything, now I've got about three job offers all at once, something will come up in time, just keep at it!