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  Smoxxii  |  17

Hey 149... I wonder if it was all a ruse. Maybe she got too nervous or gave you her answer by mistake? And she wanted to let you down easy by calling up one of her girl friends and asking her to pretend to be her girlfriend? If not, it could have been a possibility. Girls do some crazy shit.

  Tsumetai_fml  |  0

XD that poem is awsome

this fml reminds me of someone on my fave forum, posted a cosplay of this hot bishonen 'guy' and for a few pages ppl were drooling over 'him' but someone was like ''i know that person, 'she' has a deviantart'' XD

By  crazyhobo  |  0

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  popoman  |  0

It's your fault for not knowing "she's" not a girl, especially after eight months. You should at least know "her" name, and that should help with judgment. Also, you could have talked to "her" friends to try to get to know her.

  MTFandProud  |  0

Dating a transwoman certainly wouldn't make you "gay". Keep in mind that she is even less happy about what's in her pants than you are. She's a woman and you should treat her as such.

If she's a transman then I hope you were at least nice.

  drummerp64  |  16

I can't tell if OP means a MTF transgender/transsexual, in which case I'd say YDI for not understanding and being close-minded, or a FTM in which case I'd say FYL because that does just suck. Or just a guy who looks like a girl, in which case YDI for not getting to know them at all after liking them for 8 months. Or an intersexual, in which case I'm not even sure how to vote, honestly.