By Anonymous / Thursday 31 March 2016 06:00 / Australia
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No, you shouldn't really care, it doesn't really have an impact on you. Would it be kind of an abrupt and absurd tattoo, yes, it would. But it isn't your body or your life, so you don't get a say in what they do with it, and being rude to them over their aesthetic choices won't change anything anyway.


#18 That is still a choice on their part that they wanted to make for their appearance. Just cause you don't like their tattoo choices, doesn't give you an excuse to berate them because it still has 0 impact on you. Also, keep in mind that what you like and what other people like asthetically can be very different. So, you don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it.

  A07  |  47

If it has zero impact on him, why does he have to accept it then? Can't he choose to have his own opinion on it? Without shoving it down OP's throat ofcourse because OP is their own person.


As I said, you don't have to like it (that's where I said he can have an opinion on it), but he does have to accept it (meaning he can't shove his opinions down their throat or berate them for it).
That's what the saying "you don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it," means.


I know this isn't a popular opinion, but I think that if you show something off people are entitled to form opinions and judge it. It's not like it's private or hidden, it was displayed on tumblr. Like hair, if you like it, that's what matters most, but people are entitled to judge it.


Exactly. OP posted a picture of their new tattoo and then went back to check if anyone had commented. It's pretty damn obvious that OP had asked people for their opinions. If you just want to get a tattoo for yourself, that's fine. But OP didn't do that. OP has asked for opinions and now is upset that they don't match their expectations.

  catherinecas  |  30

Have you seen some of those tattoos blogs? The tattoos that get posted aren't necessarily terrible just something that the blog owner declared "too trendy." I've seen absolutely gorgeous pieces on some of those blogs and they were put down because portrait/tribal/quote tattoos are horrible.

  kenyrabit  |  25

Agreed. You like it? Keep liking it. Just know that if two people find it worthy of the word awful, it may be awful enough to warrant more insults. I'm sure Butthole-Belly-Button finds enjoyment digging for fuzz.. Bad is in the eye of the beholder; love your shitty new tattoo.


How about we try shutting the fuck up about what other people put on their body? Just because you don't like it doesn't matter. They like it, it's on THEIR body, get over it.

By  jbivens1992  |  17

Everyone has different tastes. I have 11 tattoos and people comment on them all the time. Some love them, others hate them. You cant please everyone OP. Its YOUR skin, YOUR choice and YOUR creative vision. If you like it, then the hell with the haters! :)

  rebeccacmlc  |  22

Laser removal is very dangerous for your skin and doesn't make the tattoo disappear completely. To make a very brief résumé, it just breaks the big particles of ink under your skin so that your system can eliminate them faster (since they are seen as foreign objects to be eliminated by your body), which is, incidentally, why tattoos fade as they age, the big particles are broken bit by bit by your body. Laser remover is just a quicker, much more dangerous, albeit more effective way. And it's also most of the time uglier than the tattoo ever was ...

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