By Anonymous

Slight overreaction?

Today, my husband and I recently decided not to have kids, because neither of us like children. Learning this, my dad wrote me out of his will and my mother swore on the Bible in church that she’s never going to speak to me again until I obey God's word and start multiplying. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

It's totally understandable. Most people find that parenting children is very difficult and demands sacrifice, but being a grandparent is pure joy.

You're screwing them out of the good part and you are just paying the consequences.

By  Sady_Ct  |  37

Buhahahah! Stick to your guns! Children are not the be all and end all, so many unloved and neglected kids out there, so many little shits cos the parents couldn’t be bothered raising decent little humans.

I applaud you OP, you are a light in the darkness.

By  ViviMage  |  38

I am Child free, and my fiancé and I have medical reasons that if we pass onto the kids... we aren't having our own kids, we would be adopting. And we aren't at a stage where we want kids in the mix.

My mom is ok with my choice as long as it was my choice and not just his, the potential mother in law wanted to name our kids, and is kinda upset she is having grandpuppies...