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Today, in the middle of my online midterm, my computer decided to update and closed out of the test. It can't be retaken. FML
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Doesn't it usually warn you before it does?

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Don't you just love technology?


loserboii 11

Don't you just love technology?

Yes, yes I do love technology. That's how I view po-.... pictures. Yup. Pictures.

Yes I love technology. Without it, we wouldn't know much about anything. I'm referring to science related technologies for research. Etc.

Actually, the computer technically did nothing wrong. OP forgot to turn off auto updates which at any other times is a convenience. Human error. That said, sucks for OP and I hope explaining the situation to the teacher and showing how he logged out right in the middle can help clear up the problem.

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#100 Technically, I wasn't about to say anything. It was meant to be "po-" the whole time referring to ****. I'm allowed to ruin my joke further than you already have, right? Right.

Those auto-updates have never been anything but an INconvenience to me. After a very frustrating auto-shutdown (but not as frustrating as the OP's), I turned them off forever. I'll update at my own convenience, thank you very much.

Also auto-update warns you with a pop-up when its about to restart the computer or close programs down to complete its updating with the option to postpone it, so OP deserves it for not heeding the warnings.

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Actually bro it doesn't pop up in front of other windows when you doing something specially watching po- videos it doesn't stop it and go hey look at me you wanna postpone before your video is over? With that being said it does same thing with just about everything else your doing. At least mine does that dunno bout yours.

Doesn't it usually warn you before it does?

OP said update, not that it crashed. Normally it'll do the update then ask if you want to restart now, or if you'd rather restart it manually.

According to OP it didn't crash. If it was updating, then yes, it should have told you unless OP changed the settings.

It didn't crash, it just (I'm assuming) shut down and updated itself. And most computers I've used do give you a warning before it just shuts down and updates itself. Most even have an option to delay it.

Not all the time, 3. Mine certainly doesn't. I'll be doing something online and all of a sudden the computer will crash and start to update. Usually it's when I'm doing something important.

It does, but if you are online it pops up for less than a second the it hides behind all other open windows. I had to disable the auto update on mine.

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No way to tell. It's a computer, bastard does what it wants! :((

#14 my computer did that. I was typing a message to a friend, hit enter, and my computer restarted. Turns out the restart prompt had popped up, and hitting enter hit OK.

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If it is a Windows update it usually has a countdown before it restarts the computer. If you don't click the restart later button it will restart. Just talk to your teacher op, maybe he/she will be understanding.

If you put off the update enough. It will just do it on its own. Happened to me today. A bit annoying. But I feel for you OP. that would be horrible.

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windows has finished installing important updates, and needs to restart before the updates can be applied. restart now? (with a ticking timer) or something like that. and if you click no it will come back in 5 to 10 minutes. or if you do nothing it automatically restarts after like 15. so... yeah ydi

80, The fact that you said the "internet" may have updated makes that entire comment questionable.

Mine never warns me it says windows is updating don't f'n touch

It doesn't warn you if you have it set up with the "I'm too stupid to use a computer" settings. OP - YDI. Why on earth would you let your machine auto-install updates?!

Some computers do, others don't. Mine spent and it drives me nuts!

Maybe OP will be luckier than I was. When I took an online exam, the computer didn't save it and I wasn't allowed to retake it. I failed the semester, but most teachers are pretty understanding in a situation like this.

It may seem like an excuse from a teachers point of view but you never know. That is why I record myself taking online tests just incase. But then again if you were cheating you would screw yourself over... Nevermind I'm gonna shut up now.

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sometimes with finals and such, its locks out after being opened once and even the teacher can't do anything

74 - Where do I even start on your comment? First off, is the word 'be' so long to type that you must abbreviate? Also, you said would, but meant wouldn't.. and you called the commenter "stupid." Lol.

117, I was with you until you commented on the word 'would'. By changing it to wouldn't it suddenly says that if the situation was unresolvable it would be less likely to be on fml... That said, 74s comment was stupid because it's still an FML moment whether it gets resolved or not. Now the choices are to retake the exam - and who wants to do that unnecessarily, or fail it. Yep, FYL.

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Wait, so you were his/her teacher?

No! Don't remind me of school during the summer!

Make a request to the FML squad and tell them that you don't want any FML related to any school of any kind. I am sure they will understand and comply with what you said.

Dadothy - It's only summer in the northern hemisphere, friend. There are lots of us who may not live up there.

My apologies to those not on summer vacation! Also, on an unrelated note, it is an honor to have you reply to my comment, Doc.

Normally I agree with you Doc but this is in Minnesota

You think anybody's going to take you seriously with the name 'SquirtingPonies'?

When I see that name, I think of horrible things. Things a brony would cry over.

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That really sucks. Try explaining

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That does suck but the professor should let you retake it

That sucks, and it sounds like a really lame excuse. Talk about an FML, hopefully your teacher will believe you.

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Fella everyone knows Windows PC is better than macs.

Beats a mac any day! Now a Linux... thats the best

Haha ya, windows man... They really gotta try harder to be better. They got zilch on Apple. It's quite sad how bad windows or Microsoft in general is.

Though there is a little *ahem* "tweek" *ahem* that you can do on a windows that makes it about 500 times better... shutting up now.

My senior year for my grad project I had to type up a 12 page research paper. The only computers open in the lab were macs. So I opened my files on it and prepped it to be printed. The computer decided it wanted to not only fizz out but corrupt every single file on my flash drive making getting my paper almost impossible. It took IT three hours to "undump" the computer I originally typed my paper on. I had to re edit and everything two days before it was due. I hate macs.

i love my windows server, and i love my linux server. both os's are great

Probably cuz you don't know how to use them. Derp

Gotta love all the fanboys of Mac and Microsoft competing for the "who makes the most useless argument" award - followed by the Linux fanboys and their "I use an OS that most people don't bother with and that makes me special" comments. I think this one has to go to 13 for the huge fail coupled with being the douchebag who began the "debate".

Computer cannot randomly decided to update by itself. It updates as how you set the auto update schedule. It's funny how you blame the machine for user error.

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Sorry, but yes they can. One of the computers I have here does it all the time. It's very frustrating, as it doesn't give a warning first, it just updates shuts down and restarts. Data you were working on is usually gone.

36- I believe what 20 is trying to say is that update times are preset and can be changed by the user and the computer does not just make up its own times. Or your computer may be thinking on its own and will soon take over the world and try to kill us that there is anywhere safe you can go, it is already watching you.

If he sets the auto update and forget about it, it's his fault. If someone else sets the auto update and never told him about it, it's that person's fault, not the machine. If it's like that by default and he never check it, it's still his fault. ( But I never see any OS comes with "restart without warning" by default before ) @Quinn32 Thank you for explaining it to him. @thiscrazything Data you were working on is usually gone? Do you realize that you can change the setting to make it warns you before restart? Do you realize that you can disable auto update? If there is any OS that doesn't allow that, please state the OS name, I'd want to see it.

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OP may use a certain browser for their test, such as the one I use for classes. It locks everything from popping up except for the website, therefore OP would not have a chance to cancel the update.

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Wow. Watch the nerd rage guys.

I'd prefer the terms "have knowledge about Operating Systems" than being called nerd by someone with almost 3000 visits on this site :P

What he says is true. In the computer's settings you can stop auto updates or have it give a warning before doing them etc. he's not wrong to say user error. But it doesn't change the fact it sucks this happened for OP.

79, Even those usually come with a warning to say that this will happen, so you'd want to disable anything that may interfere.