Kinda sus

By Anonymous - 10/06/2016 14:28 - Canada - Montréal

Today, I was rubbing my dog's belly. My wife came in and thought I was jerking him off. She wouldn't believe my explanation. FML
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Because jerking a dog off is more believable than a belly rub...


Because jerking a dog off is more believable than a belly rub...

Of course it does silly, nobody rubs their dog's bellies, but everyone enjoys a good game of "red rocket."

Who knows, she could have sent him to the dog house just as well XD

danimal_crackerz 26

Anyone else come back and like this after reading the next FML?

What if this is an issue with the OP. I mean to each there own but get a room people

Maybe she's been dreaming about it for a while and was jealous that OP acted first.

They were in a room. Learn to knock would be more appropriate.

doglady 16

Sometimes when you rub a dog's belly, even if you're nowhere near it, the red rocket makes an appearance.

She's not really throwing you a bone here, OP

Either your wife is 12 and you are a pedo or she doesn't understand dogs. Or you've jerked dogs off before. I'm thinking it's the last one because why the hell else would she assume that?

Hmmm...maybe because ********** is her thing. He may be man's best friend, but she's his.

ber4fun 23

Maybe it isn't her husband but someone else she knew before who did that and she still remembers it.

No worries OP. She's just a tad jealous.

So next time you call him a "good boy", she'll assume you're just dirty talking. And don't even try to put a collar on the poor thing; bondage is just too kinky. Oh, don't get me started on the "toys" you buy for him…

you're wife seems to have a really dirty mind