By Anonymous - 22/10/2011 06:10 - United States

Today, I was relaxing at home while my boyfriend played with his hamster. After a while of silence, my boyfriend came over and put his fingers next to my face. Trying to be cute, I stuck his fingers in my mouth and sucked on them. Turns out he was trying to show me how bad hamster pee smells. FML
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Dont suck things that have been holding hamsters


erm.. you knew he had been holding a hamster but you stuck his fingers in your mouth anyways.? with or without pee on his hand, it's still gross either way..

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She was not trying to be cute she was trying to turn him on.

More importantly is playing with his hamster a euphemism

I like catachu, I may start calling pikacat catachu from now on

natashax21 5

How bad does hamster pee taste?

Toxic ninja, yes I have dyed my cat to look like pikachu because I am insane and mildly cruel to cats.

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What'd you use? Manic panic? I used infra-red to put the assassins creed logo on the back of my kitten so if anything happens it's easier to pick him out. Oh and his name is Ezio(ezzy) so that helps too XD.

65- I like to bully buddy on my free time.

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Because she is a freaky girl.

She was trying to be cute.. Didn't u read the FML?

ceilingfans 1

Or OP does at least, I wonder if she sucks other things...

hellbilly205 17

Why would OPs boyfriend put his hand in his hamster's pee... Or tell your girlfriend to smell it? Mood killer for a failure mood turn on...

theten_fml 9

Now you can tell him how bad it tastes

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he's not a hipster but he can make her hips stirrr

From Pittsburgh, smoking papers or a swisher.

chickenwalrus 14

welcome to the cam rellim chronicles lookin out my monocle

chickenwalrus 14

welcome to the cam rellim chronicles lookin out my monocle

Dont suck things that have been holding hamsters

Wow I thought your picture really put emphasis on your comment

On the plus side, your willingness to suck anything that gets near your mouth qualifies you as an awesome girlfriend.

Epsilonyx 15

What happened for you to believe sucking on someone's fingers is cute?

marpay 11

Some people think its reminiscent of sucking a penis and it gets them hot. I've never understood why, but it is what is is.

Epsilonyx 15

So "cute" is now synonymous with "orally-reminiscent"? I need to get with the times, man.

leadman1989 15

A chick sucking on any part of my body is hot.

Sucking on various body parts is not only cute, but playful and depending on the part, erotic :)

It IS cute. I know it doesn't sound that way but it is. I've done it. But it wasn't a wise idea to do it after he was playing with a hamster..

Sounds like a good way to catch worms to me

Sucking someone else's fingers is not cute. Babies are cute. Puppies are cute.

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Random: I dont know how to message on this so I'm just gonna right it here lol, your deathly Hallows necklace is friggin amazin, k good day(: lol

Idk about cute, but my fiancé gets turned on by it like you wouldn't believe...

ryukk_fml 3

Did it taste as good as it smelled?

Hamster pee? Yeah, because that shit's supposed to taste delicious

ikickgingers 15

I just effing threw up in my mouth.

KiddNYC1O 20

Someone has a hamster-pee fetish.

ellakacyme22 6

Drinking is a bit much its not like she had a full cup pee in it.