By ihateloopholes - Lebanon - Beirut
Today, I forbade a student in the writing seminar I instructed from continuing to present his disturbing poems about demons. He responded to this by convincing nearly every other student in the seminar to write and read out loud several of his poems. FML
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By  LuluRichards  |  20

Maybe you should've just let him read them out? Unless they were completely unrelated to the task but it just seems like he was proud of his work and creativity so wanted you to hear them...

  ImTheAlpha  |  30

Actually there's a ton of different branches... the "main" branch I believe is atheistic and just uses Satan as a figurehead, but there are some spiritual ones who think they can communicate with demons and do magic... e.e

  sunnyskys  |  25

who cares people should be allowed to voice their opinions and it seems like majority rules. Art is art no matter what most of the time the beauty is only in the eye of the beholder

  extrasnipes  |  22

All it says is he can't present it? If I were another study I wouldn't want to listen To poems about demons and whatnot. The teacher never said you can't write it and hand it in.

By  Sophia94  |  9

It's disturbing to you but it probably meant a lot to the student. They usually have meanings behind their poems they worked hard on and you probably made him feel bad by stopping him expressing his creativity. That or he just watched
an episode of Supernatural.


Exactly. If no one else was interested in hearing them, I'd agree with the OP. But it seems that quite a few other people we interested in hearing them so unless the OP has managed to find an entire room full of disturbed people, most likely the OP is overly sensitive and the poems are fine.