By Friendly - United States
Today, I was questioned about a request for a restraining order filed against me by an old woman. According to the report, she's seen me "walking near her house and waving at her" for the last two months. I've been her next-door neighbor for a year and a half. FML
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By  Crabby  |  0

I'm not sure why a restraining order would even have been considered by the court, much less entered. All you did was wave to her. Unless you're trespassing or something, I doubt that a judge would ever restrain that kind of conduct.

By  BeautyAndBrains  |  0

Um, wow. In what way is that wrong? You're being friendly, and she's filing a restraining order against you? Hopefully this won't hold up in court. If it does, I'm terribly sorry, because this is ridiculous.