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Today, after nearly a week of awful pain in my right lung, I finally went to see a doctor about it. When I mentioned my history of lung problems and suggested it could be pneumonia, he told me to "leave the diagnosing to the professionals" and ended up claiming I have acid reflux. FML
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HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Sounds like you should look for a new doctor...

Go to another doctor for a second opinion!


HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Sounds like you should look for a new doctor...

OP it never hurts to have a second opinion. Perhaps a visit to a specialist is in order.

It can be difficult to see a specialist , however in Pop's case with the prior history they may make an exception. It can be very costly, but it is useful to find out if these problems are not due to a more serious illness. For all we know op might have a history of cancer, or growths in the lungs. Sometimes it is better to be safe. Feel better OP.

'**** **** it ******* hurts' love the name op

^really? Not even an attempt to try and hide that you are thread jacking?

I was so going to comment but I got stopped by a laughing fit from your name op sorry you're in pain

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Doctor: It's just acid reflux! OP: Doctor, may I have a second opinion? Doctor: Sure! That shirt doesn't look good on you. Yeah, a new doctor would be good if OP could :3

shakethat 10

Or maybe OPs doctor went to medical school and is right. Leave the diagnosing to the ones with degrees.

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106 - That is why everyone is suggesting a different doctor or a specialist, and not trying to diagnose the issue themselves. I have acid reflux, and when I have pain in my lungs it's never because of the acid reflux, but because of some sickness that needs to be treated.

Definitely get a second opinion, OP! I had a similar situation with gallstones. When I suggested on my initial visit that I might have them, the doctor said I was "too young". I suffered for months before finding out I had a large one blocking my bile duct and having to have emergency surgery. Only you can advocate for your own health. Don't let a doctor intimidate you; if you think something is wrong, be persistent!

Part of being a doctor (at least where I live...) is being able to deal with people. There is a relationship between the mind and the body you know :) Aside from having a career where you are dealing with people all the time. A little tact would be great!

What do you call a guy who graduated last in his class from medical school? Doctor.

rockaroths 15

Some doctors seem to be complete morons

I wouldn't call this doctor as much of a moron as I would a total jack ass. But I do still agree that he is moron, sadly.

Agreed. I question how a person as sassy as the doctor is fit to be one.

I agree to that. I had a moron in the ER. I was puking my guts up and he made me eat a red Popsicle

That's a bold thing to state, how many doctors have you visited lately?

Go to another doctor for a second opinion!

Hopefully he doesn't try to help the 2nd doctor either, with them always being right and all.

I actually had a similar issue. I have asthma and I smoke and I was having similar issues and I went into my doc and he told me it was probably from the acid reflux that he just diagnosed me with. My AR isn't the more serious one, but its new and he said that will sometimes be a side affect.

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63: if your comment were an FML I'd put YDI a million times. You're asthmatic AND you smoke? What the ****?!

I'm not a doctor but isn't acid reflux in the stomach and such?

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At the entrance to your stomach is a valve, which is a ring of muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Normally, the LES closes as soon as foo passes through it. If the LES doesn't close all the way or if it opens up too often, acid produced by your stomach can move up to your esophagus. Thus, causing a burning chest pain known as acid reflux.

Osito2011 9

Also, just for knowledge purpose, if you have a chronic cough, that could be a sign of acid reflux.

Misswildsides 22

Your welcome 31! 50, and? It's a medical term for this.

perdix 29

#50, there are several sphincters in the body, butt only one funny one.

I know it is a real term, I was making a joke by acting immature and being entertained by the word. I thought it was a good joke, but I guess it wasn't, it happens, oops

I used to get chronic sinus infections and bronchitis and antibiotics did absolutely nothing. In fact, I developed MRSA from being on them for so long. Turned out it was Acid Reflux and between taking a prescription antacid and modifying my diet, I haven't had any problems since. Point being, don't discount what your doctor is saying OP.

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Yes, often times sinusitis and bronchitis aren't caused by bacteria, so antibacterial medications won't help. You just have to let the infection run it's course and let your body take care of it.

Well it looks like you'll be in pain for a lung time! No? Bah humbug!

Your doctor was probably jealous that you managed to figure out the problem first.

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Talk to Doc Bastard. He's a real pro, I hear.

Isn't he neuro? Or is that doc grumpy on twitter because I know he is...