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Maybe somehow it couldn't send for two years and now it was just delivered :o

  Myo_fml  |  20

Yes, because I'm so sure his probably still hurt grieving mother would do that. Sone people don't use their heads before they comment. A death of a child or anyone that close for that matter can hurt and change a person forever.

By  snugglesMcGee199  |  23

This sounds like someone hacked his account. FYL, OP, that must have been creepy. Maybe figure out a way to deactivate your brother's account? Hope everything turns out for the best and no one is actually stalking you.

  \  |  28

I read there was a way to memorialize the accounts of deceased FB users... OP should look into it

  Myo_fml  |  20

Yes, there is but I don't know the details. Someone did it for one of the teachers I had in high school that recently passed. I honestly think it's just a tad creepy though... I'd sooner see the profiles closed.

  Mossears133  |  15

Really?! Why is everyone taking this is so seriously? Sure, it sucks big time that he died, but you should always try to find something happy in sucky stuff. It actually sounds like something I would tell one of my friends to do if I died! XD


I don't get why this would be funny! It's disrespectful towards her and towards her brother.
Sorry for your loss btw OP, and I hope that person who 'pranked' you doesn't do it again.

  britts95  |  11

It's stunts like this that I don't understand. Surely everyone at some stage has experienced what it is like to lose someone and how painful it must be. So it staggers me that someone would purposely bring back a whole wash of memories. I wouldn't even do this to my worst enemy.

By  threer  |  30

I send my condolences . And.... It's a prank. A horrible, unsympathetic prank.

By  xx000o  |  27

Maybe he is sending you a note from beyond.