By Anonymous - 16/09/2010 04:12 - United States

Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend who's sick, he told me he felt sleepy due to meds and was going to bed. I jokingly said, "you're going to call your other girlfriend, aren't you?" There was silence before I heard, "you weren't supposed to find out like this." FML
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Lifes_a_bust 0

what a douche... FYI op

Graawr 7

That sucks op. Its time to say goodbye to him.


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thepirate19 3

looser? how can you cal somebody a loser in a situation like this when it's not their fault. on top of trying to look cool you mispell a 2nd grade word and have a pic of a whale on your arm.

Dude, pirate, don't be a prick.

yeah maybe he was like emphasizing the "oo" in loser? and I'm sure he was talking about the cheating bastard... Loooooser :)

wolfshadow 4

Ehh, I would put 3 it more for emphasis. He could have double tapped the "o"

UpAllNight_862 6

lol 41 you're the one to talk? isn't it ironic how you bashed him on spelling, a very common mispelled word actually, loser wrong when you spelled 'Call' wrong. oh okay.

lol OP you need a big brother and a bat this always helps you out...umm look at the're single and back on the market...I guess...

Brilliant plan. Don't forget to wear gloves!

well that's a kick to the teeth... move on

Yeah he's really 'sick'. Fuck cheaters make me want to kick their ass and hang them. Sorry for the outburst, but it's true.

it's not cheating if it's different zip codes :)

Nahh it's only ok if it's different states

Notjustanother1 0

either you've been cheated on by a girl or you are trying to make yourself appear faithful for the girls ..... why else would you care If guys cheat maybe your gay and your lover cheated on you that's why you angry that guys cheat hmmm

doesnt matter if there dif post code CHEATING IS CHEATING to bad if they had kids together there life would be totaly screwed up DUE TO HIS SCREW UP... be faithful or dont be in a relationship.. my partner is 3 post codes away and wont DARE cheat on me.. i have had 3 cheating partners in my life and everyone of them has regreted it..

Your picture makes the comment all the more...interesting.

Well, you asked, he answered. .atleast he tried to lie, you didn't believe him, no trust no relationship OR he could've been joking. . .WHO KNOWS?

aww. hahhaahahaaa! that frikken sucks

it was sick joke...

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What he meant was you weren't supposed to find out at all. Don't worry though, op. If he cheated on you, he'll more than likely cheat on her, or she on him. You get what you give, after all. So there's an upside!