By Anonymous - 31/05/2016 16:11 - United States - Tyrone

Today, my dad asked my brother not to use his shaver so late at night. That wasn't him, and it wasn't his shaver either. FML
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Dad was also wondering why his son moaned in ecstasy whilst shaving.

Wow Op, that ***** of yours must be an airplane engine.


I could imagine that would be a pretty uncomfortable situation. But I gotta say YDI OP. Should try to be a little more discreet when there are other people in the house.

No. you prudish sexless frustrated virgin lawn gnome. She has every right to ********** in her own home. Doing it late night is probably the best chance of people being asleep. They need to invest in ear plugs or grow up. I hate to inform parents that they're adorable little angels, will hit puberty and crave pleasure. Its like they forgot what being a teen is like themselves.

Well, it could have been a new one and she didnt realise how loud it was.

Id say invest in waterproof toys and take it to the bath or shower

Who doesn't at least turn it on once before trying it? If I was sticking something inside myself, I would inspect the sh*t out of it and make sure I knew what I was in for before jamming it in and turning it to 11!

#26, nobody gave any opinion about a person's "right to **********". The point I was making was about discretion. I don't consider it prudish to show one's housemates a little consideration. Now I'm just a humble "virgin lawn gnome" but suggesting that people need to resort to buying earplugs just so they don't have to sit around and listen to their daughter's/sister's vibrator is idiotic. If I were to come to your place and start loudly maturbating in the middle of the night I'm sure you'd have a different opinion. (btw, none of this is related to the original post, which I'm sure was an honest mistake. It's only directed toward unnecessarily hostile comments).

The problem with that is, once you take it out of the package, it can't be returned. So even if it was too loud before actually trying it. She wouldn't be able to return it.

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Why does this comment have so many down-votes? It's very true

Wow Op, that ***** of yours must be an airplane engine.

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probably a vibrator just saying

deathstroke990 22

Today, I was tired and misunderstood a joke. I was downvoted into oblivion, FML

No, clearly OP's moans sound like a shaver.

hahaha well thats awkward. lets hope your dad doesnt find out

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It's possible he already did and just mentioned it in front of her, blaming the brother because he didn't want to have that conversation with his daughter.

Don't forget the whipped ER shaving cream! Lubricantion is important.

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That's clever, you have my upvote.

Better than it not being him but being his shaver

You might want to invest in quieter equipment OP.

At least it wasn't him, but not his shaver...