By doctorchick - United States
Today, I was late for a medical school seminar and test. An SUV flipped over on the highway right in front of me. I held pressure to gushing, lacerated artery until EMS arrived. He lived, but I might have to repeat the whole year because I missed a big test. The test? Emergency response medicine. FML
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By  Lisasimpsonfan  |  0

I am sorry it ended up screwing you over but what you did was so cool. Think about how many lives you helped by saving that one person. Who knows how many people would have been devastated if that person died. Parents, siblings, SO, children, friends, etc... lives would have been forever changed if you hadn't been a hero today. I'm proud of you.

  FMLenV  |  0

I'm sorry you honestly think this is an FML, you saved a man's life. Yes, you may have to retake the entire year, which I HIGHLY doubt, (because most schools allow you to take the test if you have a very liable reason as to why you couldn't take it the first time) but you should be happy that you saved someone rather than just leave him there to die.

And I know people who have missed their Med School exams because of very good reasons but were able to take it the next day. So, you shouldn't really be saying FYL when you just saved a guy from dying.

Just saying...

  wbrycem  |  0

Yeah a long time ago. There's been like 3 or 4 "I missed an important test but saved a person's life" FMLs. How many are true? We'll never know.

  Laylette  |  21

Where does it say he was late? Most people I know don't leave early enough to have a cushion of time just on the off chance that they get into a car accident and/or have to save someone's life.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

Real-world experience. You can't beat that.

By  elara15  |  0

I had a friend who repeated a class after missing an exam when her mother tried to commit suicide. Since it wasn't a death and didn't involve personal health, she wasn't given an exception because the college couldn't go around giving students special treatment, all that nonsense. Colleges can be bastards.

Hopefully your particular institution of learning takes your new field experience into consideration. Or the guy rewards you handsomely for saving his life.

By  americayay  |  0

It sucks, but it was still an important test. Understandable that you have to take it, despite the circumstances. It's not like they can replace the test score with that story.

  spatan89  |  0

are you saying he should have let the person die on that highway to run and take the test? maybe there's a reason he's in school to become a doctor and you're not...

  pet_virus  |  0

No he's saying that she should still have to take the test even though she saved the drivers life. The test can't be replaced with that story.

And OP yeah it sucks but at least you saved someone's life and got some hands on experience

  19990231  |  29

And you, 12, did the wrong thing.