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Today, I had to convince my nine year-old brother to stop using my biology textbook as a masturbatory aid so I could actually get some studying done. FML
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A little too early to be introduced to bookkake isn't he?! In all seriousness though that's concerning. I hope your parents will intervene because it sounds like he needs the talk and another about personal belongings. .-.

Hey some people are really in to cell division!


Haha... Kids..

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Wtf would he be looking at in there to get him off?

You'd be surprised what they put in some of them

amileah13 26

Well in ours, the naked people were diagrams. They weren't actually real pictures they were computerized. Just crazy

Maybe plants and flowers? You never know nowadays :p

We didnt even have pictures of people in ours, bio was limited to plants

I think for a nine year old anything that resembles the female anatomy would work, they don't have much to compare it to.

Florida 2012 chapter 34 is very informing . Wait I Never realized that those sly editors..

udaykataria 18

not all boys want to be looking at female anatomy.

Eww no. Isn't 9 a bit young to be doing that? And if not, is he not allowed to use the internet or something?

1. Children begin masturbating at a young age (there's even evidence they do it in the womb). It's generally not driven by sexual thought/desire—they just find something that feels good, so they do it. They're driven by the pleasure principle. It is generally harmless, and they usually learn to control their urges when they understand them and their body better. 2. Why the fuck would you suggest having a NINE year old watch Internet porn? It's one thing for a child to be curious (and aroused) by the human body, especially as he's learning about it, but it's quite another to plunk down a nine year old in front of Porn Hub and tell him to go crazy. I really hope you understand the difference.

I think you took me a little too seriously there, chill out.

I hear that they get erections as early as being in the womb but them masturbating? Umm..highly doubt it because they do not even have full control of their body at that time. They cannot even calculate where the penis is much less masturbate. So if that was my child I would be concern because if they start doing that at such a young age it is because they have been exposed to. So a therapist wouldn't hurt him to have.

Actually, both male and female fetuses are known to masturbate in the womb. And they absolutely have at least some degree of muscle control—it’s not like it takes a neurosurgeon's precision to rub your hand against your genitals.

22—You are correct that aggressive or unusual sexual behavior in young children can be a sign of sexual abuse, however, masturbation in children is normal and fairly common. It isn't anything to be concerned about unless the child is hurting him/herself, is doing it excessively at inappropriate times, or displays unusual or advanced sexual knowledge. Young children (pre-pubescent) are not sexual beings. They do not have a sex drive or sexual desire in the same way adults do. If something feels good, they do it. While in college, I nannied for toddlers, taught preschool, and ran summer programs for elementary school kids. In those four years, I can't even tell you the amount of conversations I had to have with children (and their parents) about "private time". In contrast, in the 15 years I've taught high school, I've only had to have that conversation once (with a developmentally disabled girl and her parents). Anyone who's worked with young children has similar stories. I know for many adults, it seems odd, or creepy and disturbing, but read any child development book. It's a perfectly normal part of development. Btw—that's why it's so incredibly important that parents teach their children about their bodies at a young age, and continue with age/developmentally appropriate sex/health education from the toddler years through the teen years. Kids are already exploring their bodies, so they need to learn what their bodies do. Sorry for the long comment, but it's important for parents and adults to understand that this is normal and not to shame a child for it or immediately assume the child has been abused. That could damage a child's future outlook on sex. I'm not saying you should encourage or teach a child to masturbate, but it is normal for children to explore their bodies.

nicely said. just most people arent gonna read that... saldly.

A little too early to be introduced to bookkake isn't he?! In all seriousness though that's concerning. I hope your parents will intervene because it sounds like he needs the talk and another about personal belongings. .-.

Le_ponderer 14

9 year old? That's disturbingly young to be consciously taking out time to rub one out. It's true that his body recognises sexual stimuli at this young age but if not cautioned, he might become sexually engaged with someone; without understanding the possible outcomes.

i started at 9...

The only thing a kid doesn't have is the testosterone, everything can still happen

Hey some people are really in to cell division!

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I personally prefer photosynthesis. Nothing beats plants making their own energy. ;]

What the fuck is he doing jerking himself off at 9 years old?

I jerked off back in grade school. And I knew full well what I was doing

I was doing it by 9 and I'm fine :l

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Ok, "bonermonkey".

How has he not discovered the Internet?

Tell him to leave it alone. It's going fall off before he reaches puberty the way he's going.

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Was the Internet down or something?

Are you really encouraging a nine year old to watch internet porn. Second, you're a said human being if you're that much into your electronics where you think nine year olds all have access to phones and shit. If you have a nine year old and they have a phone, you're a shitty parent