By NoWedding - 10/02/2009 22:30 - United States

Today, I made a joke about having a wedding to my mom and she told me not to joke about something that will probably never happen. FML
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And then people wonder why their kids don't like them...


And then people wonder why their kids don't like them...

Thats so something my mom would say me too, then laugh. Then later question why I have no self-esteem.

yeah my parents tell me that. its cuz i'm picky and i get over girls fast. but i'm young, def. not near that time in my life were i need to get serious.

You should always consider the future... No matter how young you are.

dang that sucks.. but dont think that everyone relying on you getting married the first of everyone from you age is a cool thing.. expecially when ur having ur first date on ur 17th.. (this saturday xD)

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When I got married, no one thought it would last. we got a used blender with no top.

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tell her she's an idiot because her retort doesn't even make sense. don't joke about something that will never happen? why? in case it doesn't happen? silly noobs

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I would've been like, well YOU found someone Mom, so there's definitely hope for me!

Ouch man. I do hope it does so that your mom can eat them apples!