By adjk90 - United States
Today, I was helping a customer when she asked if we were open on Christmas eve. I wasn't sure, so I asked my manager. My manager looked me over and said, "Yes, we will be open. Thank you for volunteering to come in." FML
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yeah then you wouldn't have a job. seems like kids are little bitches nowadays and fucking quit when things get the slightest bit hard. i worked christmas last year, and I'll work Chrismas eve this year. get over it bitches.

  SoundnVasion  |  0

I did that once, but I was eight and I had to swim up river both ways and I only made enough to feed my 9 siblings once a day and I was fighting a war at the same time. How does that make you feel?

  tttiffany  |  0

quit? job? she said shed say 'peace out trout' if she were in the situation of 'volunteering' & I almost forgot; bitches. since that seems appropriate to say. bitches. okay I'm done. bitches. I win.

By  MathMajor6  |  6

At my old job, we were required to work Christmas Eve, and many of my friends' jobs required them to work on Christmas Eve. It's not even really a holiday. Try to work early if you can, and it's even less of a holiday. Suck it up; at least you have a job.
And if you have a set schedule and don't work Fridays, say you can't. If you don't have a set schedule or you normally work Fridays but don't want to work Christmas Eve, you should have given two weeks' notice that you couldn't work.

  blkandredenvy  |  0

I have 2 jobs. as an accountant, my boss promotes giving us the holidays off. my second job on the other hand rapes our holidays. I am also a server at a ski resort and I am working both Christmas eve, Christmas, new years eve, and new years day. it will be a fabulous hell week. So what I have to say to ur fml is rip the hairs off ur balls and man up. even if ur a girl

  perdix  |  29

Oh, it's a statistic, and I say it is "official" sarcastically, because many more Americans are out of work or are underemployed than the official rate says.

At this point in time, bosses can bone employees with impunity and the worker bees will just have to suck it up until the job market improves -- then they can stick it to the bosses!

By  macskapingvin  |  0

I'd be happy to work the whole Christmas period. Gets me away from having to cope with the whole stupid palaver at home with presents and relatives and crackers and baubles and mother****ing cranberry sauce.

  KaySL  |  24

Doortje, can I perhaps purchase you off eBay or even a slave market if it comes to that? I already have DocBastard, Fortuitous, and Redbluegreen. I would desperately like to add you to my collection >:)