By mirandatheunicorn - 17/10/2018 12:00

Today, I was having a beautiful lucid dream when a telemarketer called at 5AM, waking me up. I silenced my phone and went back to sleep, and was somehow able to resume my lucid dream. Then my phone vibrated me awake. It was the same telemarketer, this time calling at 7AM. FML
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blondie45 21

Most phones have a setting called “do not disturb”.. you should try it some time


Emma Marshall 19

Tell them to **** off. Who tf calls that early?!

Scammers who are trying to trick you into giving them your personal info.

They'll still keep calling. You really can't keep them away.

blondie45 21

Most phones have a setting called “do not disturb”.. you should try it some time

At first , I thought you were having a lucid dream about talking to a telemarketer at 5am. Seemed like a rather odd thing to pick out of all the possible things to lucid dream about.

Well, next time just don't wake up for a phone call. Easy.

Zekfen 17

If they are real telemarketers, they have just broken the law. They aren’t allowed to call between certain hours, and you could report them or sue them for doing that. Normally I wouldn’t suggest suing, but dammit lucid dreams are rare and you just ruined my dream of Taylor Swift writing a song about me!

tounces7 27

I seriously doubt they are real telemarketers. They generally aren't stupid enough to think someone would want to buy something at 5am. Only a scammer calls at those hours.

Yeah look..think there are bigger problems in the world then your phone ringing.

Nhayaa 21

Aren't all the problems in the world bigger than most of the FMLs ? Point is just to relax reading others misadventures. You should try sometimes...

That's why I have no landlines in my room and my cell is set to only let my alarm sound when I'm sleeping.