By Mike - 11/11/2020 03:58 - United Kingdom

Living my best life

Today, I just turned 40 and have gone teetotal, had no birthday party due to having burned all my bridges with friends and the community in my 20s, and now me and my cat are both scratching non-stop because my apartment seems to have an infestation of dust mites. FML
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By  Charlie Given  |  23

You probably have flea's and it's time to make amends with family and friends. even if they don't want to talk to you or have contact with you you made the effort and this will help you move on

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

I had my birthday 2 days ago and had no birthday party because I moved half across the us for a job and live very far away from my family. I'm glad I moved because I'm working on covid floors and wouldn't want to bring it home to my family. And to be honest, this year is a year of disappointments for parties. Social distancing is more of a priority. Hospitals are being overrun with covid patients. Better you didn't have a party now.
Sorry your birthday sucked. Mine did too. I mostly slept because I had so many 12h shifts in a row with this mandatory on call and was hella tired. At least I only spent a few minutes of my birthday at the hospital. (I was supposed to get off at 11, but you know you never get out on time when you're a nurse) then I get home and someone parked in my assigned parking space, so I had to call the landlord and get in touch with the owner before I could finally park... And it snowed... So I'm there not able to park in a spot I pay to rent a parking space for ... It did get resolved, but hours later and after that, I went to sleep.

oho, this was posted on my birthday! The 10th. Just saw this after I posted.