By Anonymous - 28/12/2014 20:12 - United States

Today, at the airport, a lady bitched me out for changing her departure gate. She called me incompetent and accused me of "messing with people's lives" by "making them walk." I didn't change the gate, and the other gate was less than 10 feet away. FML
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what a plane in the ass.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

"It's not my fault you're a fucking idiot, ma'am." How I would love to be able to speak my mind to some certain individuals! ;)


badluckalex 23

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Your humor is terrible

Sometimes I cover myself in Vaseline and pretend I'm a slug.

First* at the gate

People are so lazy nowadays

Hey! I'm not lazy. I'm just.....uh....I'm just.......never mind. I'm too tired to come up with an excuse. I don't even have the energy to finish this sen

Mf2307 15

they deff are

And we wonder why this generation has a sense of entitlement... Welcome to America folks, the land where the customer service agents have to deal with the worst.

Any things a dildo if you're brave enough

what a plane in the ass.

brasiliano 16

I see what you did air

More like - what an ass in the plane

A plane in the ass would be a pain in the ass though.

brasiliano 16

Things like this can runway your day. OK that was bad

#19 That pun will send you crashing down into the negatives.

Geez, these comments really crashed and burned.

These puns are tearing my air out That was horrible.

#6 nah her ass isn't even going to make it on the plane.

1dvs_bstd 41


Not with that attitude she won't!

Not with that altitude she won't.

Messing with people's lives? Wow, laziness is so high..

She's probably watched the butterfly effect way too many times if she thinks walking 10 feet will mess with her life.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

"It's not my fault you're a fucking idiot, ma'am." How I would love to be able to speak my mind to some certain individuals! ;)

Didn't realize 10 feet of walking could be classified as a crime. Some people just need to take a moment to rethink what they are going to say because this was a very unnecessary comment said to you!

Well, OP, she could have done something more productive with the time it took her to walk those 10 feet, so you should be ashamed. She could have saved the world, found a cure for cancer or redone the last 3 seasons of Lost so they wouldn't have sucked as much.

The time it would have taken for her to walk 10 feet is equally proportional to the time the writers of Lost spent on the script for the last couple of seasons.

Is it weird that I just assumed the screaming lady was overweight?

don't be so judgemental

Yeah. Maybe she's just a bitch

I imagined an extremely snobby gucci prada yada yada wearing rich bitch who has the world on a silver plate. I mean you have to be pretty fucking shelterd to flip put at this.

YellowKettleBell 31

For Wal-mart buggy riders, walking 10 feet is akin to waterboarding.

where did anyone say she was fat? I know plenty or lazy skinny people