By Anonymous - United States
Today, at the airport, a lady bitched me out for changing her departure gate. She called me incompetent and accused me of "messing with people's lives" by "making them walk." I didn't change the gate, and the other gate was less than 10 feet away. FML
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By  dude_itskayley  |  17

Didn't realize 10 feet of walking could be classified as a crime. Some people just need to take a moment to rethink what they are going to say because this was a very unnecessary comment said to you!

By  Nymeria_fml  |  25

Well, OP, she could have done something more productive with the time it took her to walk those 10 feet, so you should be ashamed. She could have saved the world, found a cure for cancer or redone the last 3 seasons of Lost so they wouldn't have sucked as much.


I imagined an extremely snobby gucci prada yada yada wearing rich bitch who has the world on a silver plate. I mean you have to be pretty fucking shelterd to flip put at this.