By juanjohnfml - 11/08/2011 08:17 - United States

Today, I bought a $300 gym membership that gives me access to the company's non-premium gyms. The non-premium gyms are all closed due to construction, because they're being turned into premium gyms. FML
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Hopefully you can get a refund?:)

Why is everyone saying it's ironic? It's not. What would have been ironic was if he used to have premium, and DOWNGRADED to non-premium.


Oh, the irony...

What gym is that? That's pretty damn expensive for a NON-premium membership O_o Get a refund and try a different gym

juicedboi 7

Gym is the wrong choice. Take your $300 and go buy Jim, Jack, and Johnny. You won't regret it. Not until the next day anyway...

Pixxio_O 11

Steal all the construction equipment over night

that's means u now get to use the premium at the non premium price.....duh

Casuality 6

That's when you threaten to sue them and because they don't want the bad publicity (I assume they're a large company since they can afford construction), they upgrade you to premium.It's not like it will cost them anything anyway...But bad publicity and compensation money will.

16 you're right. You have to pay the maximum amount of mony to get the best hook... wait... what are we talking about again?

Take the weights, and hit them in the vaginas.

-63 it's usually a flat rate, the pimp is the one with the hard decision making. And boy I tell you prices are way competitive!

Maybe you could help with the construction and lose weight that way!

A gym is for noobs anyway. Why don't you run outside and use your body weight. Your probably not bodybuilding anyway.

A gym is for noobs. Nah, the noobs are the ones that go there 6 days a week for 2 hours at a time only to get burned out and not come back for months at a time, therefore, not doing anything but using your body's muscle memory from the first stretch and not getting any new results. Three days a week, one hour each session, 100% effort. Win.

It's the gym for hipsters! You don't want it to be mainstream, and as far as I'm concerned, a gym membership to a gym that is ironic, AND doesn't exist is pretty much so not mainstream.

sparxva 12

...not really. More like 'fraud' or "bait and switch" I really do think.

if they don't refund you, you can prove that there was offer & acceptance, therefore creating a binding contract (assuming the strong probability that there was intention to create legal relations) . it is only an invitation to treat UNTIL some consideration / acceptance is made

iJasper 8

LOL How Ironic!

Hey Anthony.

2 since your comment is not really worth replying to, your name sounds like a weird, stupid apple product.

^ someones sounds a little sassy

103 just a little? I'm about to get more sassy just because of that, actually nevermind. I won't get my sassiness level up higher right now. There are other things that need to higher right now if you catch my drift. Now excuse me I'ma go fly my kite.

I actually preferred Mrs Assypants, whatever happened to her?

Hopefully you can get a refund?:)

Or a lawsuit.

Yes I will take a refund in trident layers!

And instead get p90x :)

to be fair unless they upgrade his meber ship this sounds incredibly illegal. you can't sell a service that doesn't exist

Nobody ever refunds me in gum...

IndiRae 9

Irony bites another helpless soul in the ass.

And eats it.

You shouldn't have been so cheap and got the premium

kevsnev 7

I screwed up sorry

^ ya dun goofed.

you look just like Jason segal.(Marshall from how I met your mother)

Go premium :) op

Wouldn't the OP go premium regardless since all of the non-premium gyms are gone?

Just another example of The Man bringin down the working class!

damn the man! (save the empire!)

cheer4ever96 8

Well that's ironic. You should get a refund.

katay97 6

very ironic, sorry. but they shouldnt even have sold that to you!

Raise hell till get a refund