By pimples - Australia
Today, I was going to kiss my girlfriend for the first time. As I leaned in, closed my eyes, and was about to kiss her, she pushed me away and said, "Not with that pimple on your chin." FML
guitar_god7007 tells us more :
Wow. It actually got through. Thanks people. Now everyone can laugh at my unfortunate existence. For those of you wondering, it was our first date, I had arranged it by phone, that's why I hadn't kissed her yet. And my pimples grow really big, really quickly...
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  bassdredd  |  2

acne has very little to do with "proper hygiene". its people with pimples that have the cleanest faces because they're the ones constantly cleansing and fussing over them. I know what it's like, trust me it's not fun

By  ILoveEggnog  |  7

Maybe if you pop it she Can use it as lipgloss.


Because she wont kiss him because of one minor (or not i guess) pimple on his face. So basically she won't kiss him because she is a.) disgusted by it b.) cant deal with the idea of one imperfection on his face and feels the need to point it out. Meaning she wayy more focused on his pimple that his feelings for her

  RyanMacVey  |  17

look im hardly the smartest guy on here .... im just saying if you're gonna correct people on stupid mistakes then you better be prepared to get the same back ... ok?

  je_suis_fml  |  11

Now you want cry offense? Stay out the kitchen if you can't take the heat. Next time be nice, and lessons like this shall bypass you. Twelve years old using words like "fukk" and cyber bullying, but cries when you reap what you sow... smh

Good day, young one. xo

  iEatGuppies  |  0

This is the mother fucking internet. NOBODY SHOULD GIVE A DAMN OF HOW OTHER PEOPLE SPELL. and if you are going to, don't point your fingers when your hands are dirty.

  iEatGuppies  |  0

can you just shut the hell up?
you're the one whining your wimpy ass on bullying when you're the one being an asshole to everyone! Stop being such a hypocrite and go do what 12 year olds do

  LolMoqz  |  10

Everyone on this failed except for gayboii and boners.
If you are going to be a Grammar Nazi, make sure your own grammar is good.
That's like Stevie Wonder giving driving lessons.

  RyanMacVey  |  17

how many times do i need to answer this question? seriously... im not causing another scene over my username... so if anyone really needs to know they can pm me

  Drclino  |  0

that there be a troll, any way you look at it, you dont pick a name that draws attention, and deny thats why its your name, its just an attention move and clearly it works.

  laupow89  |  4

And to 108

How do you know he doesn't treat his acne already?! Sure there's stuff that can be done to help reduce acne, but there's no product on the market that eliminates it completely. I really love how in those proactive commercials, they always show celebrities who already have virtually perfect skin naturally and then put make up on them, and then make a grandiose claim that their product will give you perfect skin just like Hayden Panettiere's. What a bunch of BS.

If you were lucky enough to be born with perfect skin, good for you. But for most teens, acne is only a mildly treatable condition, and the OP's girlfriend (and you) sound like a snob.