By pimples - 06/08/2011 13:08 - Australia

Today, I was going to kiss my girlfriend for the first time. As I leaned in, closed my eyes, and was about to kiss her, she pushed me away and said, "Not with that pimple on your chin." FML
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guitar_god7007 tells us more.

Wow. It actually got through. Thanks people. Now everyone can laugh at my unfortunate existence. For those of you wondering, it was our first date, I had arranged it by phone, that's why I hadn't kissed her yet. And my pimples grow really big, really quickly...

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LabRats_fml 4

pop it in her face

Dump the superficial b*tch.


LabRats_fml 4

pop it in her face

gideeupp 9

Way to kill the moooood.

eminemchick 19

then slap her so hard she gets pimples too:D

Rub the pimple all over her face

NastyNinja31 0

Sperm clears acne.. Want proof? Go watch a porno

Or tell her to get the eff over it...

32, im pretty sure sperm causes acne... Go watch the behind the scenes of pornos

Dispute 3


NastyNinja31 0

Porn stars never have acne and plus I KGBd it

draw pimples on her face when she is sleeping.

takeajoke 5

what a keeper.

damn pimples.....

Damn. No telling what her reaction will be when she sees your genital warts.

i bet she was like: "your face, goddammit!"

did she proceed to bite your chin and have it pop in her mouth?

DENIED. Sucks for you OP. Lmao

FMMFL1992 3

I guess you couldn't find a girlfriend with a pimple fetish.

"oh alright.. *squeezes the pimple, cleans the blood* ok.. good now??" lol

Proper hygiene, man, c'mon! But that really killed the mood, sorry OP, you're girlfriend should have been able to deal with a stupid pimple.

kelsey_katie 17

174! Ray William Johnson:D I have "your face goddammti" set as my location! Lmfaooo!

idontcare8l 3

174 - gotta love ray

thumbs up if raywilliamjohnson brought yo- oh wait dis ain't youtube...

#202 acne has very little to do with "proper hygiene". its people with pimples that have the cleanest faces because they're the ones constantly cleansing and fussing over them. I know what it's like, trust me it's not fun

Maybe if you pop it she Can use it as lipgloss.

mgsoloist 14

My lipgloss is cool. My lipgloss is poppin...

btnhdude 0

eggnogg you tool.

emilieee_fml 0


reallytho3 11

Tht isnt sanitary...

eww dude that's ****** naasty!!

daysgoby902 6

number 2 this is for you...=] I love your picture please never change it

What the hell dude ?

She sounds nice.

iloveeyouuxD 9

Sounds like any guys dream.

2ndSucks 15

Mhm. Definitely a keeper.

Hell yeah, who doesn't want a superficial bitch? Throw some water in her face and see the pimples she's probably hiding with makeup.

dude, this sounds like a phrase from Good Luck Charlie on Family Channel. lame.

fmlbrofml 0

^ it's lame that you know that.

get some neutrogena next time :D

Clearasil bitch.

LoveKeepsGoing 7

Clean & Clear !

eminemchick 19

youz on some crazyy shit, clearasil bitchess

I use sandpaper...

I use a belt sander

Dump the superficial b*tch.

Lol, sorry. Stupid IPhone. -.-

12vballchick12 5

Because she wont kiss him because of one minor (or not i guess) pimple on his face. So basically she won't kiss him because she is a.) disgusted by it b.) cant deal with the idea of one imperfection on his face and feels the need to point it out. Meaning she wayy more focused on his pimple that his feelings for her

Yeah but this is the Internet if you don't poste that on something like yahoo answers you're gonna get insulted or thumbs downed

hahahaha you keep getting thumbed down :p

12vballchick12 5

Cmon give her a break! She didnt know. Doesnt deserve a ton of thumbs down!

i feel your pain man... if she wouldnt let you kiss her coz of one pimple then id have no chance... my face is like a dot-to-dot

kelsey_katie 17

Acne pisses me off. I don't care about my Bfs acne, I only worry about my own...

i know you did boners... would damage your rep if you let that one slide

dickydickman 0

dot to dots are fun ;)

ure? i think you mean you're

dude... you brought it up... i have no intention of being a grammer nazi

je_suis_fml 11

Casse toi, 69... * Gayboii * you're * Learn * to * Christ's * (.)

look im hardly the smartest guy on here .... im just saying if you're gonna correct people on stupid mistakes then you better be prepared to get the same back ... ok?

je_suis_fml 11

74, actually it's *grammar... Oh and *Einstein.

je_suis_fml 11

I am an American. :) And I do believe you started cyber bullying Gayboii first, dear lad.. It doesn't feel so great does it? o_0

je_suis_fml 11

Now you want cry offense? Stay out the kitchen if you can't take the heat. Next time be nice, and lessons like this shall bypass you. Twelve years old using words like "fukk" and cyber bullying, but cries when you reap what you sow... smh Good day, young one. xo

iEatGuppies 0

This is the mother ******* internet. NOBODY SHOULD GIVE A DAMN OF HOW OTHER PEOPLE SPELL. and if you are going to, don't point your fingers when your hands are dirty.

je_suis_fml 11

Au revoir. :)

iEatGuppies 0

can you just shut the hell up? you're the one whining your wimpy ass on bullying when you're the one being an asshole to everyone! Stop being such a hypocrite and go do what 12 year olds do

LolMoqz 10

Everyone on this failed except for gayboii and boners. If you are going to be a Grammar Nazi, make sure your own grammar is good. That's like Stevie Wonder giving driving lessons.

It is so hilarious watching people get worked up on this site. I love it, thanks for the show

they were so bad that i decided to save everyone from your stupidity and piss all over them ... your welcome guys

uhm..well i have a quick question...if your not gay then why is your username "gayboii"?

how many times do i need to answer this question? seriously... im not causing another scene over my username... so if anyone really needs to know they can pm me

that there be a troll, any way you look at it, you dont pick a name that draws attention, and deny thats why its your name, its just an attention move and clearly it works.

sorry! it was just a question! i didnt mean to offend you...or aggervate you..or whatever i seemed to do :p

kelsey_katie 17

193, he just seemed irritated. You dis nothing wrong, just asked a question:p

ugh ok.... #193 im sorry that i overreacted.... its just my nickname at school ok.... can we move on now?

ouch. dump her if she cant accept zits and pimples, im sure she has them too.

She probably regularly takes care of hers and stays clean, he should do the same for her

She might do that, but to say shes never had a zit or pimple is a lie.

I empathize with the OP....

And to 108 How do you know he doesn't treat his acne already?! Sure there's stuff that can be done to help reduce acne, but there's no product on the market that eliminates it completely. I really love how in those proactive commercials, they always show celebrities who already have virtually perfect skin naturally and then put make up on them, and then make a grandiose claim that their product will give you perfect skin just like Hayden Panettiere's. What a bunch of BS. If you were lucky enough to be born with perfect skin, good for you. But for most teens, acne is only a mildly treatable condition, and the OP's girlfriend (and you) sound like a snob.

ConnorBrown36 5

dump that bitch, she doesnt deserve you then

i feel your pain man... if she won't kiss you because of one pimple then id have no chance... my face is like a giant dot-to-dot