By Phabia - 21/04/2015 00:16 - United States - Newton

Today, I was sent to the front office for having blood shot eyes and smelling like smoke. I just didn't get enough sleep and had trouble putting my contacts in, and I always smell like smoke because of my parents' excessive smoking. They didn't believe me. My parents had to come in to back me up. FML
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It's funny how the date on the FMl is 4/20

Dont smoke kids. You'll get in trouble


Dont smoke kids. You'll get in trouble

This is one of those times a comma is very useful...

erizonkim 17

woah yeah smoking kids would really get you in trouble lol

1dvs_bstd 41

because... because... smoking is baddd.. mmkay?

Commas are important. I imagine you would get in a lot of trouble for smoking children

91hayek 31

That comment made me think of that scene from Scary movie 2 when Shorty is rolled into a joint by the Weed plant. :D

How do you like to smoke your kids? I smoke mine over a grill so they are extra smokey.

It's funny how the date on the FMl is 4/20

#2: 4:20 used to be a great time to pop a third hatch down... However, now that you start with 12 workers, all the old timings went out the window :(. Not to mention the changes to the in-game clock, which skew things even more...

Sorry, #30, but what the hell are you talking about? Forgive my ignorance if it's a reference to something.

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Having trouble inserting contacts + Insomnia + Sencond hand smoke from parents = A predicamental situation...

#45: I was feigning ignorance and pretending that "420" is best known for being a Starcraft 2 multiplayer Zerg timing for getting a hatchery at your third base. It went just as well as one might expect, but that won't stop me from trying ;P.

No it doesn't. It says April the 21st for me.

brytonhansen 19
brytonhansen 19

*cough* sarcasm Some people don't get it.

Sorry mate, my bad, I misread your comment, I thought you were correcting me

For those of us who don't know what it means, does anyone care to explain?

4/20 is national drug day or weed day. something like that

#16, you are getting shitty answers. 4/20 or April 20th is the day most stoners celebrate marijuana. It started with high schoolers out in California when after school they would always start smoking at 4:20pm. It grew and grew and thus a Holliday was born. It's exclusively for marijuana.

It's also Hitlers birthday. The more you know.

George Takei is Hitler on weed? That's my takeaway from this thread.

its also the anniversary of columbine i think.

That would be even more hassle than having his/her parents come in and confirm the story.

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Why? If you have to pee, does it matter if you pee into a toilet or cup? Idk, I don't think drug tests are that much of a hassle , but then again I'm drug free.

Drug tests cost several hundreds of dollars

JuliaaNoelle 26

#39, drug tests cost about $40...

One could call it a 'hazy' situation :D

Let me guess, your parents weren't smoking cool enough to back you up?

That would burn my ass, if it happened to me What kinda joints do you hang out in?

Did your parents excuse their selves to use the bathroom, and then like two hours later you know where they were found? Meanwhile you're sitting in the classroom thinking it's a drag?

"Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school". --I have a long term friend from high school that dad used to smell her fingers to catch whether or not she had smoked. Funny thing is, she never did. He was an odd one. Now telling her to, "Quick! Smell my fingers!" Is an inside joke. (:

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Well did you eventually clear it up? I hope so op! Glad you didn't blaze it.

It couldn't have happened on a better date. 4/20 always has adults on high alert. Heh. High.