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Today, after a fire alarm went off, everyone was going back into the building. I had never gone up the stairs before because I live on the 9th floor. As everybody was going back inside, I followed some guys right into their suite on the 1st floor, thinking it was the way to the stairs. FML
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  rampatmonkey  |  7

youthink - try thinking. it's right. the OP was right. Write is only used when referring to writing, like a book, essay, or article. Make sure you're right BEFORE correcting someone else

  acmf48  |  0

#17, your an idiot. the use of right by #2 was wrong. don't try to correct someone when you have no fuckin clue how to speak properly. dumbass!!!

  Bro_Namath  |  0

Obviously #39 was replying to another comment that mentions schools. I honestly thought you'd have seen that since you clearly read the previous comments before posting this stupidity. FYL too.

  wasted0087  |  0

He was talking to shadow or whomever was numbers 1 and 2 there fore he was right on correcting right, you were wrong and right about write... Although he was still right... Either way it was about shadow who said "Now let's see who rights hate comments..."

  xx3ginaxx3  |  0

It doesn't have to be in the school, apartment buildings and stuff like that have fire alarms too (obviously). Also, if the OP is in college, they could be living in a dorm, in which case, yes, they'd be living in the school.

  iluvjk13  |  0

17, he meant that 2 used right when it was supposed to be write. Not the OP. Try making sure you know who someone's talking about before correcting them.


wow so you're retarded... youthink did think that's why we wrote it right you dumbass. clearly you're failing English if you can't even tell when to use "write" or "right" people like you are the reason I lose faith in today's society day by day.