By rawrrrr - 17/03/2010 04:01 - United States

Today, after a fire alarm went off, everyone was going back into the building. I had never gone up the stairs before because I live on the 9th floor. As everybody was going back inside, I followed some guys right into their suite on the 1st floor, thinking it was the way to the stairs. FML
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I'm so glad other people do these kinds of things as well! You're not alone :(

make the most of it... what kind of guys were they?


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u live in the school?

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lol let's see how many people right hate comments to my first

first ?

omfg ur a little ****


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It's "write" you stupid f*ck.

youthink - try thinking. it's right. the OP was right. Write is only used when referring to writing, like a book, essay, or article. Make sure you're right BEFORE correcting someone else

he was right. he said it like, typed which is writing. the op is wrong. maybe YOU should fix yourself and not be so quick to judge. a--h-le

#17, your an idiot. the use of right by #2 was wrong. don't try to correct someone when you have no ****** clue how to speak properly. dumbass!!!

WTF is this shit? Clearly he meant to use "write".

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@#20 - That's a bit rich, coming from someone who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're".

i 2nd that @ 25 and for the rest im in a business ....the business of killing nazis

i 3rd #25, but why would you kill natsis? (intentionally mispelled to sound like brad pit in Inglorious Bastards)

LOL ...Its the "Grammar" Nazi's that I'm after

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#1, schools aren't the only places that have fire alarms.

u do the dirty?

#1 , he didnt say anything about school ... o.0

Obviously #39 was replying to another comment that mentions schools. I honestly thought you'd have seen that since you clearly read the previous comments before posting this stupidity. FYL too.

He was talking to shadow or whomever was numbers 1 and 2 there fore he was right on correcting right, you were wrong and right about write... Although he was still right... Either way it was about shadow who said "Now let's see who rights hate comments..."

did he show you his schlong?


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It doesn't have to be in the school, apartment buildings and stuff like that have fire alarms too (obviously). Also, if the OP is in college, they could be living in a dorm, in which case, yes, they'd be living in the school.

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17, he meant that 2 used right when it was supposed to be write. Not the OP. Try making sure you know who someone's talking about before correcting them.

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lol all the people trying to correct me are nerds I ment write

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I no that's not the only place -.-

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wow so you're retarded... youthink did think that's why we wrote it right you dumbass. clearly you're failing English if you can't even tell when to use "write" or "right" people like you are the reason I lose faith in today's society day by day.

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really? I have to say it? ...sigh THREESOME

dies it really matter!?!?!?!?!?!

lmao your an Idiot,17

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where the f*ck is snickerdoodles when u expect her the most??

why does your comment that's wrong and have nothing to do with the post not get modded bit mine does?

I have cockatiels too!! They're called Zebedee and flossie after the magic roundabout I know sad but still sweet

I'm so glad other people do these kinds of things as well! You're not alone :(

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im confused, she lives on the 9th floor but never uses the stairs?

Why does this confuse you? She lives on the 9th floor so she takes the elevator, not the stairs.

YDI. If you live there, why don't you bother trying to map out the building at bit?

shitt make your move

make the most of it... what kind of guys were they?

yea u should of flirtit

haha were the guys cute?:)

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I'm gonna be first to say sluuuuuut!

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That must have been suite for the guys. Unless you're hideous, in which case it's "Begone, ye Desperate Ogre!"

hahah ^^ niceee one

OH! Punny! I totally read that last part in a Scottish accent :D

sames lmao ;) x

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me too

Lol! Sounds totally like something I would do!

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Once again, people blindly going through life not paying attention to what they're doing.

if this is what classifies as a FML, consider yourself fortunate.