By strokingitasitype - 07/04/2012 19:12 - Canada - Gander

Today, I cleaned my computer screen for the first time in ages. When I turned it on a few hours later, I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out why the brightness was suddenly so painfully high. FML
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Based on your username, I have a feeling your keyboard is covered in a thick layer of dust except for the "P O R N H U B" keys.

Really, this doesn't seem very dramatic. Now you know the benefit of keeping it clean.


^ Not as nasty as OP's profile name. :p

OPs name is perfectly acceptable. Is he/she not allowed to pet a cat/dog?

That's what years of semen deposition will do to a monitor, you really should buy Home Living magazine and lay off the German shiza porn

What does OP stand for...shit

46- I seem to not be able to resist answering that question, no matter how many times it gets asked. ;P It stands for Original Poster.

I resisted to ask that question because I thought I would get flamed... Thank god for google :)

lmao who else went back up to OP's name after they read 13's comment. but thats nasty *Cleveland voice*

Really, this doesn't seem very dramatic. Now you know the benefit of keeping it clean.

I shudder to think about the rest of the dwelling....

Perhaps OP was "painfully high" at the time as well.

And possibly under the affluence of a bit of incohol

I'm hoping that was a pun of some sort.

I'm fairly certain it was.

#14, I wish for the days before Tumblr and FML and iFunny were I too was as innocent as you. Stay strong and never google!

Ha! that's funny, I always find it nice when I feel like my screen is bright and has a really nice image :)

Thank you for sharing that with us, I always thought that brightness and cleanliness was just completely and utterly horrible.

pretty sure there's a button to fix that

No buttons! The magical wizard of magic and stuffs, that lives in and controls computers, has his ways.

Sounds like something I would do. *shakes head in shame*

Gross OP, it's not a difficult thing to clean. :S

Yes, and that is why OP cleaned it.

"Painfully high." It's your computer's way of staring you down for being so neglectful.

And you took an arrow to the knee. Let the thumbs down begin.