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Very cleverly worded, my friend. Well done.


What I'd like to know is, why was the fellow using a motorcycle on the path (sidewalk)?

Cause he's a human turd, 18.

18 - He was probably leaving his driveway or something. I refuse to believe that even this idiot is so stupid to be actually driving on the footpath.

Those kinds of people deserved to be expelled from the face of the earth. They should be chained up in dark, dark rooms with only a pea size of water available. For entertainment, they scrape their long, dirty fingernails against old, dirty chalkboards. The awful sound will remind them of their school days, back when they were miniature sized turds, and free to roam the earth. It will remind them of the freedom they once had, but will never, ever get back.

The Toilet of Life... I'm using that. (p.s. I love your name, op)

What I want to know is why OP used sidewalk- which I don't think I've heard any British person use here- we tend to say pavement. Odd :s

I believe this only got published because of your "hunan turd" analogy..

23 - You'd be surprised what an asshole on a rice rocket could do, and will do.

83- Don't hate on posted FML stories just because you're 0 for 2.

Wow, I wish I would've been there, I would pull in front of him with my bike and go extremely slow

Very cleverly worded, my friend. Well done.

"The toilet of life..." I like that, OP. Thanks, I'll use it next time.

Yeah, I really like that. I'm definitely going to have to be careful now because I'll be too tempted to drop that line on coworkers.

What a great figure of speech, I must use that sometime I can tell you feel strongly about this sir, by the looks of your username

Dicking dicks? No.. Ok

Dicking dicks? No.. Ok

#5 Damn it! I didnt realize I commented the same thing you did! I should have read all the comments first. I'm sorry. :(

I chuckled when I saw the name.

Don't worry you're not alone. We'd all love to take a shot at flushing that toilet.

What if it gets clogged?

It likely would, considering the multitude of "Turds" on this planet.

Nice name OP! 10/10 for creativity! Edit: Oops, 5 beat me to it. :l

Comfort yourself with the thought of the obscenely high statistic for motorcycle accidents.

Not all bikers are the same. I'm not like that kid and I don't think I deserve to die …

Of course you don't deserve to die, so remind yourself of that next time you hop on one of those deathtraps. Hopefully you'll be lucky and never get in a crash.

Unfortunately it's not always the motorcyclist's fault. I'm sad to say I knew people who died because someone didn't think of bikes while driving. I'm careful while on road, and in my car as well, but not everyone is (like the kid in this FML) and it kills other people too.

You're right, it isn't always the motorcyclist's fault. But like I said below, the blameless driver isn't going to magically become encased in life-saving armour. If some car-driver fucks up and plows straight into you, that's you shuffling off the mortal coil.

That's obvious. But you can die in a car-vs-car accident too. What I am trying to say is that if everyone cared for each other it would be as safe to drive a bike as a car (as long as the motorcyclist wears an equipment). There would be only «fucked-up» accidents, no more «I-didn't-see-you (because I wasn't looking)». We are aware of our fragility thanks, but I'm afraid not everyone is.

55-You honestly think that people just don't care for motorcyclists, and for that reason, they are less safe then vehicles? Let's just assume for a minute people actually do go around thinking 'I only care for other people in vehicles'. Even if that were the case, accidents will still happen. And if accidents happen, generally, being in an enclosed vehicle is safer then being fully exposed on a bike.

PaulB123, I totally agree with you. There will always be accidents and motorcyclists will always be more fragile. I know there are people caring for us. I'm just trying to say they are not as many as they should be. You seem to be one of them, thank you for that.

Fair enough! I understand your point a lot more now, and can see that would be frustrating.

Some young people should not have licences or be allowed on the roads. Thats how kids are these days.

Some old people shouldn't have their licenses either. This has nothing to do with his age but rather his intelligence or lack thereof.

I agree with #48, don't always blame the kids. Some of them are better drivers than the adults.

you should have tackled him off the bike

I agree with your last statement