By socially awkward - 10/03/2012 06:00 - United States

Today, I discovered that the amount of alcohol I have to drink to build up enough courage to talk to women at a bar is the exact amount of alcohol that prevents me from getting a boner. FML
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Use that same amount of alcohol to get her drunk instead. Problem solved.

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I think it's time you decide which is more important.. Man up, OP.

Why does there gave be any talking at all?

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Maybe your secretly gay and that's why you couldn't get it up lol

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Talk about 'governtment failure.' Damn I've been studying too much economics.

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Why do you have to drink to get the nerve to talk to women. The worse that can happen is they reject you

In Soviet Russia women kick men in balls as sign of rejection. Vodka numbs pain.

No, the worst that can happen is that they reject you, and then hold you up to public mockery and ridicule because you had the nerve to ask. Happened to me enough times in high school and college that I eventually stopped asking. :-(

Liquid courage is a limited pass, you shouldn't do it all the time. You should try and build up your confidence another way.

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For me, drinking gives me a never ending boner. But I guess we're all different. Maybe he could try another drug to boost his confidence, may I suggest viagra?

#10 Viagra is only good for the actual act of sex though. I don't know about other girls, but if a guy came onto me with a huge boner, I'd run the other way. I don't think Viagra is a good confidence booster before the ice breaker conversation, but definitely after the guy gets her in bed (if those are his intentions).

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If he came onto you with a huge boner, he'd be finished and might prefer it if you left. ;)

May I suggest being a gentleman and going down on your date?

Use that same amount of alcohol to get her drunk instead. Problem solved.

Raj from the big bang theory? You actually exist?

That's a bonerfide problem, unlucky dude.

^hes got the soft-sword. Maybe op needes bonerpills

Cockblocked by your own insecurities, ouch.

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Viagra. Plan B: When you get shitfaced and start talking to girls, get their numbers and make up some emergency that makes you leave abruptly. Don't drink as much on your date, so you can perform. Warning: Four-hour erections...blah, blah, blah. Use only as directed. Women who appear beautiful when you are drunk may be ******* ugly as shit.

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Come on OP, it can't be THAT exact.. Keep trying! Try a different kind of alcohol too maybe.

Maybe take it slower and get to know these women instead of looking for one night stands. :P

It's gonna be you and your hand alone for a long time.