By Anonymous - United States - Roseville
Today, it was the first time I met my girlfriend's parents. It was also the day that I accidentally ripped their shed's door off its hinges. FML
kujiens101 tells us more :
To give a back story, her parents were renting a house for over a year and there was this super sketch shed was in their backyard. They had all been too scared to mess with it because they didn't want to get hurt. My girlfriend always wanted to go inside but didn't have the strength to open the door. So, after I pulled a bit too hard, I ripped the door off. I told her to go tell her parents, so we could fix it. She said to just put the door back where it was and act like nothing happened.
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By  Gngr_Grl  |  26

OP: "I'm so sorry. I'll just show myself out."
GF's fam: "nonoNONONONO!"

By  Tarlachia  |  33

"Oh I know how to impress the lovely lady's parents! I'll mow their lawn!"

*door rips off*

"...shit. My mother always said I didn't know my own strength."

By  FFStepchild283  |  24

Oh man, I need to hear a follow up to this one! I've been known to not know my own strength and have done similar things, and sometimes it was because the item was already weakened or partially broken.

  kujiens101  |  24

I told the story in another comment, but this was actually the second time I've ever done this at a girlfriend's house. The first time it was on my first gf's bedroom door. She was piiiiissssssseeedddddddd.
With this girlfriend, she understood that I'm a big guy and things break. When her parents found out, they said it was just a matter of time till that POS broke

  Gngr_Grl  |  26

Honey, you mean HUNKules!