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Today, even after explaining to my boyfriend that I was self conscious about my breasts because they're slightly misshaped, he still persisted with begging me for a tit pic, saying he would still see me as beautiful. I gave in and sent one. He responded with "LOL WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSSSEE." FML
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OP here. First, thanks for all the support and funny comments :) no, my face wasn't in the picture. He said he did it to lighten the mood. He apologised and then surprised me by showing up at my place with flowers and chocolate to make up for it. Happy ending after all!

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Ask him for a dick pic and do the same thing.

That was really insensitive. Especially if it's about something you yourself are not comfortable with sharing.


He could have been joking and quickly following up with "Nah, don't worry, they are great!" At least that's the kind of humor my hubby has. If that wasn't the case though, he's an Ass and not worth her time.

Sometimes, it feels like the fml community are bunch of home wreckers.

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There is a time for everything. This was not the occasion for memes.

#58 whether he did or not, 1. she had literally just told him how insecure she was and 2. No decent guys begs for naked pictures

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Begs no, but depending on how long the relationship, and those involved most, not all, but most guys will ask for nudes.

Ask him for a dick pic and do the same thing.

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Or ask, "Where is it? It's so small it's hard to tell."

Just say what was said in The Duff... " aw, I see something that looks like a penis, only smaller" I loved that line.

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Or when he sends a dick pick send the thing from frozen where it says "it's so cute, it's like a little baby unicorn"

well all penises are a little misshapen, aren't they? some lean towards the left, some towards the right...

"I didn't know you kept tic tacs in your pants"

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"They're to freshen your breath, open wide" But really, you could probably just say his ball to dick ratio is really off/weird hahaha.

or say "move your thumb out of the way so i can see it"

Don't be self conscious. He loves your boobs all the same

I swear some people just see the word 'breasts' and forget how to read..

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why the **** does this have so many dislikes!?!?!?

Because they're telling OP to not be self conscious when he gave her a MASSIVE reason to be, which also nullifies the whole 'he loves you' crap, he doesn't care about her feelings at all obviously, read the FML...

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What an asshole! If your boyfriend still reacts that way after you explained how self conscious you are it's time to move on.

Yeah how insensitive can someone be?? That reaction is completely unacceptable regardless of how self conscious OP explained she is, although that does make it way worse

What bothers me is that it sounds like he kept pushing her to send a picture even though she clearly didn't want to, yet once she finally did he acted like a complete asshat. Not saying he forced her to, in the end it was still her decision to send the pic. But I know from experience (as do many of my fellow females and surely even some guys) just how persistent some creeps can be to get you to send a nude pic. It's ******* annoying and I think a lot of people just end up giving in to the pressure.

That was really insensitive. Especially if it's about something you yourself are not comfortable with sharing.

I guarantee you that you could find someone who would appreciate them. dump the insensitive jerk

Well, safe to say he won't be getting another.

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Everyone has slightly odd boobs. All guys have slightly wonky balls so when you're getting intimate do the same to him!

easy, do not send pics of your naked anything...

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Why are you blaming her sending a picture for her boyfriend acting like a prick? Especially when he begged for it.

besides, if you're in a committed relationship, who cares?

well it seems that he did manipulate her into doing it.

Not really important if he begged for it, nobody should ever send pictures of themselves naked..

She's not upset that he has naked pictures of her. She's upset that he insulted a body part that she's sensitive about.

i can see his point of view, people with self respect shouldn't send naked photos, in fear of having the published in places they werent intended. that being said, ive both sent and recieved some to and from my girlfriend. soo, maybe i shouldnt be saying anything here. :P

I completely agree with you. You are giving the other person power to ruin your name. They could send or post those "naughty" pictures to whoever or wherever they want. It would be different being married. But just being a boyfriend/girlfriend I would hope they would be wiser. Just my 2 cents.

This is so surprising how many people disagree with nudes like?? It's just a nipple? Why does that offend so many people when a complete stranger decides to share an image of THEIR nipple?? It's not yours.. So why get so judgy and worked up lmao. You people would be so much happier if you were comfortable with your own skin, probably wouldn't feel the need to **** shame random people either; it's a waste of your time and tbh no one actually cares about your opinion on their body, your opinions don't actually mean a thing believe it or not