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Today, I asked a co-worker why he was wearing sandals, as they are not allowed under our strict dress code. He got extremely angry with me and stormed off. Ten minutes later, I got called into our boss' office. Apparently, he told her that I walked up to him and asked to suck his toes. FML
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Hi. This is the original poster. 1. I was not trying to boss him around or be a tattle-tale. We work at a warehouse store and his job requires him to regularly perform heavy lifting INDOORS and heavy lifting OUTDOORS when he has to help customers carry things to their cars and load them. The guy was relatively new, so I was concerned about his safety. I thought maybe he just left the house in a hurry and forgot that he was wearing sandals. I've accidentally almost left the house in my running sneakers only to quickly run back and change. 2. I wasn't trying to be nosy, I was just genuinely curious and was not going to report him or try and get him in trouble. I am not a narc. We were making what I thought was polite small talk. Guess I was wrong. 3. To the people telling me to mind my own business: if you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe or broccoli in your teeth, wouldn't you want someone to tell you so you don't walk around all day looking like a fool?

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bigjoeanzalone 4

Hopefully your boss believed you over that jackass coworker of your's.

dragoongirl90 34

Don't worry about the idiots. You were perfectly polite and within your rights to look out for another person's safety. Please update with how it turned out with your boss and your douche co-worker!


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Pwn17 25

Eh, it kinda wasn't her business to ask about it in the first place. Even if she was trying to be helpful, some people just react badly when they think they're being told what to do. Like this guy.

Sathane 21

Are you serious? I do work in numerous production plants where steel toes are required as a matter if safety - no open toed shoes or sandals allowed. Employees, even those who aren't management or on the safety committee do, and should, point out safety hazards to yet employees.

Okay, fair enough. I guess it depends on the context. We don't know where the OP works and all she said was that it was in violation of the dress code, so I wasn't looking at it as a potential safety hazard.

JMichael 25

Actually most places encourage coaching in following company policy, so OP was technically doing what he/she was supposed to. The coworker is just an idiot.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I can see how OP saying something about open toed shoes in a place that requires steel toes, but I agree with everyone else saying it really isn't any of her business. Obviously it doesn't look professional walking around in flip flops and I'm sure OP wasn't trying to be a bitch about it. You shouldn't even worry about something as petty as that. If they get caught by the boss then it's their own fault. That coworker, even being an asshole, must have one hell of a sense of humor. I bet OP is known as the toe sucker now haha.

Okay, what I'm saying is that OP should just leave dress code violations to upper management. OP really has no business in the dress of a co-worker, unless it does involves a safety issue, which OP did not specify.

rlTlk 13

... I just cannot at the people saying OP deserved it becsuse it's "none of their business". Seriously, what's wrong with people? it has nothing to do with being their "business" people are not entitled to that kind of immunity. If someone sees something wrong say something, Christ's sake! people so paralyzed by whether it's their business or not and others so emboldened by the thought they are entitled to total privacy, is how this work is crap, just **** people. honestly? I'm damn sure there was no traumatizing special reason the coworker was breaking dress code that makes it a personal question. It's not only important if it was a safety matter, although nearly all jobs it is, fast food, cashier, literally unless this is like a desk office job then it really does matter and OP is not an ass or stepping out if bounds to point it out. we are taught that being a "snitch " is the worst thing you can be, even parents telling kids who are bullied not to be a "Tattle tale" so nothing is done. IT is not a virtue to stay quiet about a problem! or to be sooooo walking on eggshells about people little feelings to not steo in or question anything. ITs cowardice. if you are doing something against the rules or law, or wrong you've just given up your right to not be questioned on it.

suboy 10

All OP did was ask why he was wearing sandals. If something was against policy and you didnt know would you rather someone mind their business and let you get in trouble or tell you something. Then youd be calling OP an asshole for not saying anything.

OP seems like a self righteous a-hole: if someone else is doing something that doesn't affect you but could get them fired, let them. You don't need to be 'holier-than-thou', 'you're doing this wrong'; it won't get you many friends at all. Just leave it alone, wait for the boss to notice and let him deal with it. So what if he wore shoes against the dress code? Did it hurt you? YDI.

how does asking why make her a self righteous asshole? if those shoes are against OSHA safety standards, it's not just that guy who's gonna get chewed out, it's gonna everyone there getting yelled at for not correcting the situation

bigjoeanzalone 4

Hopefully your boss believed you over that jackass coworker of your's.

caohm 18

it's no way the boss should believe that, this more of a wtf than fml. that guys weirder that a snake that rolls instead of slitherin

Sadly they don't. Many men have been written up for stuff they didn't do or say. This is why most male managers will have a second person in a closed door meeting... So they have a witness against any allegation. Although, a woman being written up is fairly rare in this scenario. Sorry OP.... Just make sure if its put on file, its put in their file too. This helps block ppl from repeating over and over without loosing credibility.

#41: What? I work in an environment that has the potential for fatalities, AND I have female co-workers. They are held to the same safety standards as their male counterparts. If they do not comply, they are reprimanded accordingly.

If the boss was smart she would've made a note about the sandals not being part of the dress code instead of the bs accusation.

Did the bosses not question why he was wearing sandals at all? Hopefully they don't take the complaint too seriously.

iajm02 13

What the fuxk? Talk about awkward...

jazzy_123 20

hey some people are just into that.... stuff.

9- Do you even know what the word "awkward" means?

MichellinMan 20

Well that's pretty creative of him, those first three comments are going to get a brutal thumb down bombardment or moderated.