By lawl - 07/05/2011 13:25 - Canada

Today, my date asked if I could drive his friend home before we went out for breakfast. His friend had blonde hair, big boobs and wore a skimpy black dress. He wasn't 100% sure of her name. I guess I drove home my date's one night stand. FML
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jennifer93 0

you shouldve just dropped her off on her corner

and tomorrow night a random girl will be driving you home too! yay!


jennifer93 0

you shouldve just dropped her off on her corner

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littlemissFYL 5
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Ah, the benefits of having a homeless/hooker as a "friend"

tjv3 10

how do you know it's just a corner? maybe she has a whole street

TempestRain 0

I would have told her to walk her skanky butt to the next corner. Screw driving her anywhere!

So I'm guessing your a red head with small boobs and where big dresses………-_- sucks for you O.o

jennifer93 0

#81-I see what you did there but you definitely should have said brunette instead of redhead cause my picture clearly shows I don't have red hair :p

Jaimegirl 7

#81- she doesn't even have red hair...haha

it's probably where he picked her up

a_nutritionist 10

ugh you judgemental idiots. you think the girl knew this guy had a date the next day? how does she deserve anything for sleeping with some guy who was two timing this girl? i hope you never have any form of casual relationship, if you do, you better march your own asses to a street corner because, by your own admission, youre ******.

chloe2114 4

I think #81 meant to tell tht to OP

WTF 94, most of us are messing around jeez. Take. A. Chillpill

TempestRain 0

94-Must be a **** too. Over defensive much? Who cares if she knew or not. She can call her own ride home.

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CommonSenseKarma 17

87 - you have my chew toy(s).

love how everyone blames the girl when she had nothing to do with it. the guy is a jerk

and tomorrow night a random girl will be driving you home too! yay!

sparkles0103 4

ha exactly...op you should of left when he asked you to do that.

CaptainPickles72 18

Thanks for driving my girlfriend home OP, and tell your date thanks for being a loyal customer! ;)

hey 15. maybe he's saying he's a Pimp!

CaptainPickles72 18

I agree with everyone here! Yes, I win! Yes, my girlfriend's a *****.....actually all my girls are ******. Yes, I'm a pimp. But good sir I do not suck, the girls do though.(;

staceysgenesis16 0

you should have kicked her ass out of your car. or should have just said no and kicked him out as well.

OP: Did you sleep with her last night? Boyfriend: I can't remember anything OP: gtfo my car. That's how it should've gone down

sailorzoe 14

HAHAHAHA This bitches profile cracked me up. Why are so many people compulsive liars?

a_nutritionist 10

kicked her ass out for what exactly? engaging in an activity that in no way affects anyone but herself? or because she had sex and youre jealous?

it's a date and not your husband of 10 years.

And it's a breakfast date. I guess driving his one night stand home further reiterates OP's position in the friend zone. Next week, she'll be running errands for him. Fyl OP

Even if its only a date the guy is definitely a jerk

BahahahLOL 0

Why the thumbs down? I thunk its a great idea.

7, you're 16 talking about threesomes. Ever been DP'ed? I didn't think so. Shuddup!

DP'd? it's 2 girls and 1 guy in the FML.

one of the girls own a strap on, bets on which one!

Bet you were still thinking of claiming sloppy seconds.

Cryptid_V 2

If she did the guy it would still be 'seconds'.

Proper response: "I may not look like much compared to her, but at least I don't cost money."

a_nutritionist 10

...yeah cos its the girl who needs to be put in her place here. what a bitch, trying to sleep with some guy without asking every girl on the planet if shes interested in him.

Haha she doesn't cost money? what about all the presents, dinners, and stuff like that? Women cost alot, bro. I got experience in this, lol.

sooooo.. he's not your boyfriend, so feel free not to date him;) You could of said no if it bothered you.