By aatomkins - 02/08/2009 15:52 - United Kingdom

Today, after 3 long hours of mowing the lawn with a rusty lawn mower, my dad finally decided to tell me that he didn't get any money out to pay me with. The reason? He didn't think girls could mow a lawn and was expecting me to give up. FML
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This isn't your average chore, I do those for free. No allowance, just a hourly rate for the hardcore jobs.

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how disgustingly sexist of him

Ow wow, that's something. Charge him extra and add interest until he coughs it up.


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how disgustingly sexist of him

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Wow, **** you #12. You literally think that all girls just pole dance rather than do important things? You're more sexist then the OP's father. Not all women work at strip clubs or as hookers, most live on to greater things. Some others just can't get there when they try and don't have a choice but to do such degrading things as being a strip club dancer or something like that. Anyway, sorry for your sexist father, whoever created this fml. Fyl.

#12 wtf? i'm from essex and i have no idea on how to pole dance so just shut up yeah.

@ #20, I don't think 12 was being sexist since he never said all women just the women from the OP's home town. I guess you could call 12 Essex-ist.

actually, you ARE sexist #12. if you think the only thing girls can do is pole dance, you have a lot to learn, fella. get a life and OP, im very sorry for you. sexism shouldnt be tolerated and you gotta make this clear to your dad...and he better pay up too!!

Haha top of my class in most subjects and I'm actually from Suffolk but my mum lives in Essex which is where I was when I created this account. However no, my mum and my sister are both NOT pole dancers so thanks for that unnessasary jibe at Essex people.

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Actually, it is a sexist comment. It makes a generalization about people based on their gender which is, and here we get into some pretty simply definitions, sexism. The fact that the comment also includes their location does not somehow make it any less sexist. Unless, as you claim, being a feminist I am unable to read. Perhaps I have missed all the footnotes in the dictionary that state "Discrimination that takes place about women is note considered sexism in cases where the general township, city, or country of those women is also included." I shall go check, and report back if I find anything! Thank you!

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You're just a sexist douche. OP, FYL.

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Right. We might be getting all feminist on you, but not only was your comment rude, it was also legitimately sexist. At least women can do SOMETHING to be independant when everyhting goes to shit. And we don't exactly have a whole lot of choices when life turns its back on us (what, with pigs like you in the world), so we try to be resourceful and use our assets. Tell me, what do men do when life goes to shit? Let me give you an answer similar to yours and see what you make of it: The man-****** drink themselves to death while resembling a heap of shit more and more day by day. ******* idiots. I'm not a manhater, I just want to see how the douchebag replier feels when someone is sexist about HIS team. See? We have all the right to go all "feminist" on you.

I’m going to have to disagree with you girls/feminist, #12 comment wasnt actually sexist. @#20 please point out where he mentioned that “all women work at strip clubs or as hookers” @#39 yes # 12 is sexist because YOU assume he thinks the only thing girls can do is pole dance. @#95 I sometimes wonder the same thing, I think it’s more their comprehension skills than their reading skills that is under par. @#102and #112 you would be right if #12 did make a generalization about people based on their gender, but he didn’t. “The fact that the comment also includes their location does not somehow make it any less sexist.” The comment isn’t any less sexist, because it wasn’t sexist to begin with and in this case, location did have something to do with it. The reason?, he is focusing on girls from that area and not on girls in general. What #12 did do is stereotype essex girls, which is NOT the same as being sexist against women. You really don’t have to get all feminist just because you saw words “pole” and “girl” in the same sentence. The fact that he included the town only shows that he was generalizing MOST girls from essex, this should not be confused with generalizing the ENTIRE female population. The only people who are implying that ALL girls “can dance on a pole” are you feminist commenters. If I made a comment saying that most Italian girls can make a good pizza, am I being sexist?? .... obviously not, and neither is #12. It could be seen as discriminative but defiantly NOT sexist. I bet none of you girls would have said a thing, if #12 replaced word “girls” with “boys”. OP dad is being sexist unlike #12, because he was generalizing his daughter based only by her gender. But i’ll admit that the part about “just tell your dad to get you a miniskirt” is a bit of a sexist remark. This type of situation and overreaction is why I hate modern day feminism, it’s a lost cause especially in western society and has just gotten blown way out of proportion, just like political correctness. If most of you feminist really wanted true equality like you claim, you wouldn’t be calling yourself feminist in the first place.

Okay, you've raised some really good points. Especially about the "overreaction" and "blown way out of proportion" part. And even the dig about the comprehension skills, since I bet most feminists will skim your post and write a page long rant. But the comment was meant to indicate to the girl that the writer felt that she, as a woman living in essex, should be a pole dancer. Any argument with that? Most people consider that assumption and recommended action derogatory. It was a rude comment, and was a bit sexist. Rude enough to bury it, but- I think- not quite worth the time it takes to write "ZOMG YUR SO STUPID!" for three pages.

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And people wonder why the question comes down to "Who's better, men or women?"

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#139 If number 12 had said boys instead of girls it would ahve read like this. "He probably wasn't being sexist. I'm not sexist, and I'm amazed that a boy from Essex could mow a lawn. Most Essex boys can dance on a pole before they can walk, and end up doing it till they're 60. Listen love, just tell your dad to get you a miniskirt rather than pay you, and then you can get a jumpstart on your career." I would have died from laughing. Thank you for the great mental image that I got in my head. Men in miniskirts, twirling around on poles. Yes. :):) also: although 12 wasn't being sexist by your definition he was still being mildly sexist, and an ass, by implying that OP was going to be a pole dancer because she was a girl from essex.

Number 12's comment wasn't sexist at all. It was directed towards Essex. I'm from New York. I could see a post by a woman from New Jersey and say "women from New Jersey are bimbos" and you would find that sexist, but it's not. It's not about WOMEN, it's about NEW JERSEY. I would just as soon see a post from a man from New Jersey and say "men from New Jersey are douche bags." Is it stereotyping ? Absolutely, but it isn't SEXIST.

And do you realize that your comment was also sexist? Feminism is okay. But radical feminists, I swear...

even if your dad was being sexist, he only had doubts of your physical abilities as a girl. And dont you think that when he said he doubt you could mow the lawn cus your a girl meant that he was suprised that you could do it? that means that youve already proved him wrong that women are capable of doing the same things as men. He has also admit he was wrong when he said that he doubt that girls could mow lawns after youve finished mowing the law。you should be proud of proving him wrong. btw im a guy

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at 146. actually when u say " women from new jersey" it makes it about women and new jersey. it would be different if u said people from new jersey.

I only read half the comments, because most are five paragraphs long

How much TOWIE do you watch?!? That type of girl is in such a small minority. Essex is mostly fields, so most of the girls are farmers! Yes I am from Essex and yes I can mow a lawn, I can also drive a tractor.

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Aww. Get all feminist on him.

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It's not entirely about that- it's about the fact that her dad is an a-hole

He doesn't even have to pay her though. She's living under his roof, so that's payment enough. I expect nothing but a "Thank you" when I mow the lawn.

Your lawn probably dosent take 3 hours with a sit on lawn mower 3 acres you do the math. And if someone told you that you were going to be paid then you wouldn't expect not to be paid with a sexist reason.

Who said it was three acres of lawn? For all we know she could've mowed a 30'x30' lawn in three hours. Hope she wasn't expecting to get paid by the hour. And it's not like you're hard done by because you didn't get paid to mow the lawn. Where do kids get this sense of entitlement? Your parents put a roof over your head, feed you, clothe you, drive you around, and have sacrificed more than you know to keep you healthy and safe. And the dad might have a point. What if his daughter is stick thin and hasn't lifted anything except for the cell phone that he pays for? Then it would be a reasonable thought.

Uhm...She said so, if you were paying attention, you'd notice that was the poster. XD

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Ow wow, that's something. Charge him extra and add interest until he coughs it up.

This just goes to show how women are better than whining than at anything else.

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Hahahahaha. Well good job doing it anyways. Demand payment!

isn't it nice when you feel suported by your parents?

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damn. I wouldn't be doing any chores for him anymore. Just say your weak little girly arms can't handle the work. See how that goes over. Sorry your dad is a sexist pig.