By Mason_Jayson - United States
Today, I was at a sandwich shop and couldn't help but secretly remove a loose hair from a girl standing in front of me. I yanked it and she instantly began screaming and crying. It was in fact a very long mole hair. The thing started bleeding like a gunshot wound. My apologies went unnoticed. FML
Mason_Jayson tells us more :
This is my FML. In my UNDESERVED defense...I do have a little OCD, I work in healthcare and automatically want to help when I see something like that, and there may have been a few beers involved. I'm not a pervert and have never done anything like that before (and you had better believe since). And for those who are curious: the mole was on her shoulder and the hair I touched was down by her shoulderbladeish area. This sucker was LONG.
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  Sheebaby187  |  0

YOUR DIGUSTING this has nothing to do with OCD I'm all for that person ripping. The mo lhair from that filthy kid and that should've. Been done ages ago by someone else and obviously you must've. Have not read correctly. Because that's jus so fucking nasty and you just plain nasty period!

  tellithowitis  |  13

If you insist on correcting someone on their speech, make sure you have your own spelling and capitalization.
*Your (with capitalized Y)
Also, it would not be you're since it is possessive in the sentence
You're basically saying "You are typing is ridiculous..."
Lastly the "C" in chill is indeed capitalized also.
Hope this mini lesson benefited everyone...

  Purexinsanity  |  46

Except nowhere on the FML does it say OP had OCD and it's unfair to blame the disorder when it could just as easily have been OP being an idiot who thought their action was a harmless one.

By  latuka  |  0

thats why you don't yank. if you see a loose hair and MUST pull it, pull loosely/slowly, if it truley is loose it'll fall out by itself. if it isn't youll feel the slight tug, and you will realize it is not loose, and hopefully the whole thing will go unnoticed.

YDI def.

you don't do that shit to strangers anyways.