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Today, my father decided to "prepare" me for the real world by telling me that I'm ugly. FML
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Tell him "Well I guess it runs in the family then, huh?"

Oh my god! What a dick! Where does he think you "got it" from!!


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some1 was gonna tell you it anyway atleast ur prepared now. most ugly girls are devastated due to the lack of preparation.

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well it helped me so.... why not

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1 well in someway it is nice if he is going to prepare OP for the real world. But other than that... not nice.

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my father also says im ugly but people say im beautiful...that's just how it is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my parents think im ugly lol, they're not confident about what they made (me) so don't be upset

Someone just won father of the year award.

my grandmother told me that. numerous times

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Yay for cosmetic surgery :)

Yah ask him to pay for your plastic surgery

106 pic goes perfectly with this FML

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No offense, but if you get that hurt from your asshole dad calling you ugly, you are not prepared for the world.

I'm called ugly almost everyday by my brothers and worse... I'm used to it and I know it so I don't take it personally.

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prepare him... WITH YOUR UGLY FISTS.

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Haha, this reminds me of a personal experience. One time I decided not to blow dry my hair because I didn't have time. I let it airdry and it came out curly. It would usually be straight when I blow dried it. Afterwards when my dad saw me the first thing he said was "What did you do to your hair? It looks like shit!" And I felt so bad...!

Oh my god! What a dick! Where does he think you "got it" from!!

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Yeah that was pretty stupid considering you get half your genes from him

4: I mean you might or might not look like your dad, but chances are, OP looks similar to him. He probably has body image issues of his own and is reflecting his self-hate on OP to make himself feel better. :(

if OP looks like her dad then yes, that would make her ugly.

if OP looks like her dad then yes, that would make her ugly.

Males can get by with being ugly, females can't.

if your an ugly girl, its like being a guy: you have to work.

haha exactly. it was probably his fault

215: OP would specify that. Its a major detail because it adds humor to the suituation (because she probably looks like him).

breast implants will save her love life

20 - Yes, world. 73 - No, they won't. For all you know OP is beautiful and her dad's just an asshole because he never looked as good (or something). Big boobs don't counteract any other 'issue' either so if she truly is ugly but has giant ****, it's not going to solve her problem.

thanks for clearing that up for me. I had no idea they left out the L

big breast doesnt make an ugly pretty.

Tell him "Well I guess it runs in the family then, huh?"

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Lol ydi, better to hear it from him first than someone else.

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your a bitch shut up she doesn't deserve it it's ******* mean

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1. That was just a stupid and mean thing to say. 2. How in the world does that make it a ydi?

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someone's bitter...haven't been laid in a while huh?

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Yes, it was. From you. You had no reason in the world to say something like that. Yes, 74...You deserved this so called "cruelty."

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you are kidding right?? geez... in a bad mood much? and why ydi?? i bet your dad said the same thing to you and meant it.

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If her dad told her shes pretty and shes not thats worse. The truth will set you free.

Who says OP is ugly in the first place?! You're making assumptions and looking like an ass. Just quit while you're ahead.

that's one person that you don't wanna hear it from!

It really doesn't matter what the OP looks like. There are some things that a father should never say to his daughter, and he crossed that line.

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Destroying your self esteem is NOT going to help prepare you for the real world, which CAN be cruel and difficult. That's why you should always be able to count on your family for love and support, it no one else. Sorry your Dad doesn't see it that way, OP :( Be confident and proud of who you are and you can face anything this crazy ass world throws at you!

Am I the only one who thinks "Niqqer" (or whatever her name is) is ugly? Maybe her dad told told her the same thing... Oh wait. Her dad... Nevermind.

90- even if she isn't pretty, how the **** does that make her deserve it? not everyone can be a babe. I don't like you. You're a bitch. And you do deserve it.

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132, you don't even know me. Theres nothing wrong with being ugly, it's the inside that counts but if someone is ugly, they shouldn't be lied to.

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Well...did someone lie to you and say that "you're pretty"?

141-If it's the inside that counts, then you are one of the biggest assholes I know. I may not know you but you radiate stupidity. You shouldn't be lied to, amirite?

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Ok someone shouldn't be attacked for their opinion, to me this isn't a fyl if your father is being honest with HIS OPINION

Would you just shut up everyone hates you


well aren't you a little stuck up bitch #7!

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Sigh. I am not stuck up, nor a bitch. I am, however, apathetic about your opinions towards me.

No one deserves to be called ugly, especially not by their father.

um yeah your attitude us ugly. who the hell are u to pass judgment on ppl u don't know? an attitude like that will get u now where fast. how wld u like it if ur dad told u that u were ugly and someone told u, "ah well, YDI." wld u like for ppl to tell u that u deserve to be called ugly? u must be one unhappy person or one of those ppl who have no self esteem and get a kick out of seeing other ppl unhappy. but don't worry, karma is a bitch... ur no supermodel, I see ur pic. get off ur high horse and come back to the real world. being a bitch will make u a very lonely person.

141 - Who are you to call someone ugly? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you see as ugly may be a masterpiece in someone else's eyes. Didn't most of us tell you to shut up already? Why haven't you? 156 - Who says the father was accurate? Get it through your head. The father wasn't necessarily being HONEST. 169 - You are a bitch. Accept it and move on. Sad how those were all directed to the same person. Well said 182!

182, you made a great point! I really back you up on it, but I disagree with one thing you said. Telling her she's no model after looking at her picture is no better than what she said and that is just stooping to her level.. I think it would have meant more if you left that out because then you wouldn't have insulted her in anyway, but that's just my opinion.

141- yes 132 doesn't no you but hey you don't know the OP either so u should stop making assumptions that she's ugly and 'deserves it' cuz no one does u disgust me

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u got to Amit u asked for it

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Hes preparing you to know that people are dicks in the world.

9- True dat! I've seen devastatingly beautiful people be brought down by people because they called them ugly. Maybe OP's dad was just saying it as a worst case senario thing, or something like that...

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"Devastatingly beautiful?" lol? What does that even mean?

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The kind of beautiful that causes traffic accidents while going for a walk in a sun dress?

54: You've never heard that term? I'd say I feel old but i'm probably younger than 90% of FML'ers!! Devestatingly beauty is when someone is so good looking, it's hard to look at them.

Now that part is over with, time to get you a job and crush all your dreams and show you a list of last month's bills. You're on your way kid, you're in your way...

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probably because you did the same thing to your children. asshole

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yeah I "laugh out louded" too a