By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I was at a family get together with distant relatives. My grandma made a point to say how all of the grandkids brought their boyfriends or girlfriends. She looks at me, then turns to everyone and says "But not our Becky! She is more interested in her cats right now than finding a man." FML
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By  dirtyhippie  |  0

Grandmas can be so rude! Try to remember that back in their day there wasn't much else to do but be a wife and have too many kids - like 8 or 9 when they couldn't afford 2. We have actual lives now, and better to have joy from your cats than a bad relationship at home.

By  elara15  |  0

#5, plenty of women were accomplished at the time. Tell that to Lise Meitner, who discovered nuclear fission in the 30s and 40s. You have an unfortunate American bourgeois bias on this subject. Nevermind the lower class women who HAD to work and didn't have the luxury of being domestically oppressed. It's no excuse for Grandma or anyone else.


Okay, I just thought the grandma said that without really thinking about how it could be taken, but according to you all she's a jerk being rude to her granddaughter. My mistake.