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Today, while tubing down the river, we stopped for lunch. I accidentally left my shoes on the sand when we left. I had to walk two miles through dense woods with no trail and no shoes. FML
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Intoxicunt tells us more.

I did NOT go back to get them! God, can you people NOT read? Read ALL of the other comments where I explain what happened. I'll repeat it. I did not go back for them. Again, I did not go back for them. How many times do I have to ******* say it!?!?

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Why didn't you just tube right back up the river, like a salmon? That would have been some great exercise and easier on your poor, delicate, bare feet.

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well atleast your shoes didnt get dirty! :D


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That's ******* stupid coment on the FML and stop with the First BS and OP that sucks fyl

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guess he'll have a fml posted later on about the poison ivy he's gonna have haha. fyl.

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you're just like poccahontis :)

YDI for tubing down the river and stopping to eat, then forgetting your shoes in the sand and havingbto walk through the forest without them. BTW, how the hell do you forget your own damn shoes?

Oh boo ******* who! Atleast your not getting shot at in iraq or afghanistan for 1800 a month! Soo what if you had to WALK 2 miles!

#25, Read the front page, you arrogant asshole. "Everyday screwups." If your sadistic mind prefers people getting shot for entertaining reading, **** off and go to another site.

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it's funny because you forgot your shoes, which protect your feet and they got all scratched up in the woods

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it's funny because you had to walk through the woods with rocks and stuff without shoes and it probably hurt!!

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This is intoxicunts fml o:! But walking without shoes isn't that bad and 2 miles takes like 19 mins? :/ What kind of dense forest is it

at least you weren't being chased by a rapist

Why were you wearing shoes on a boat and ydi for wearing shoes that were that important. but hey good incentive to work out!

They were just flipflops. Who said they were important? And I wasn't on a boat. Is today National Fail at Reading Day?

your name says it all...... 25 deserves some respect if he's getting shot up over there so you actually go places without fear of terrorists!

Oh, I'm sorry. I don't respect assholes who come to a fun site and ruin it by turning it into "Whose Life Sucks the Worst". Jeez, aren't I a bitch for not liking when people ruin something good!


First of all in toxic **** I don't think that by airborne saying that at least you're not being shot at in Afghanistan, doesn't mean that that's all he reads cause he's reading you're instead of an fml moment it's a I'm so effing retarded moment. He may just have a relative or he himself can be in the military hints the name :durr: I have my bro in the military and it's his third trip out there so I take it to offense when you say that that's not worth reading people should know what's going on over there. *oh and I had posted a comment but it didn't show up so I sent another. Just in case they both show up.

You fail to understand what's going on here. He said "boo ******* who(sic)", which implies, "You cannot complain about anything or call it an FML unless it involves being shot at." That's stupid. I respect the military as much as most people. I just hate when people come on here and give this line about everyone sucking it up because it could be worse. YES, people should be grateful for how easy their lives are by comparison. But that's not the point of the site!!! The point is to share funny fail moments. And go **** yourself. You're calling me retarded because I forgot something? Yeah, I bet you've NEVER done that. At least I can understand people's comments.

They were obviously important enough to go 2 miles barefoot in the forest to get them


really can you I can tell your like AHH OMG :bitch:bitch:bitch: and you dumbass it could be worse you could have just lived in poverty and had no shoes to have forgotten in the first place so GO **** YOURSELF BITCH!

*headdesk* I DID NOT GO BACK TO GET THEM!!!!! Ok, let me explain this AGAIN. I was tubing. I stopped on a bank. When I continued down the river, I forgot the shoes there. When we were done tubing, we could not find the trail to the car. So we cut straight through the woods to the car. -This is where forgetting the shoes becomes a big deal- I had to walk barefoot to the car. Not back to get the shoes. To. The. Car. Bitch above me, read the description of the site. If you want to hear people say, "Today, I'm happy because I'm not starving to death, being raped, or being shot at," GO TO ANOTHER SITE. Idiot.


and Sean lol she didn't go back lol she left them in the beginning and while tubbing you can't go up tube if you can understand my explaining. over all she's just retarded the one thing you take the one thing you forget

what's up with all this fighting? we should be uniting! why dont we all get along? I may be j***** but I still have a nice shlong!

Oh I guess I shoulda read it better then. I guess I fail. anyways you coulda wrapped something around them if there was shit digging into your feet. you still deserve it for forgetting though because if you were perfect that wouldn't have happened. common sense!...

Anyway in that case you probably should have gone back to get them since you must have realized you were barefoot and if not it mustn't have been that bad. But I'm not thinking right today so I suppose you have an excuse for that too. Anyways I'm not mad or anything just tryna understand.

I'm not mad either, I just type emphatically when I'm typing fast or frustrated. It was upriver a couple of miles when I realized. I can't swim/tube upriver, so I just forgot them. The next person probably found them lol. #83, yet another person who doesn't get it. :/


haha lol yupers Sean but I guess being able to read comments doesn't make it productive out in the woods And dumbass there isn't such a site I got a good idea go get laid you're bitching has reached it's maximum

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Was that at Rainbow River??? Cause I was JUST THERE yesterday with my cousins and his girlfriend and he family!!!

intoxicunt, are you mad at your keyboard?

I said "go to another site" and you said there is no such? LMAO. So, FML is the only site on the internet. Haha, good to know. Guess I hallucinated all those others. #91, Whoa. That sucks! I ran into a snake, but it got out of my way. :) #94, yes, RAAAAAGE. Other person whose number I don't remember, no, it was Blackwater.

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Toxi - A poisonous one? I was so scared when I fell into the water because it was late afternoon in snake/alligator areas...

The only snakes I can recognize are Coral, Rattle, and King. It wasn't any of those. It was probably venomous, but I've lived in the South all of my life, so snakes don't freak me out. They always run from me. One time, this baby one was beating its tail on the ground. He didn't have a rattle; he was just hitting his tail. I walked like 6 inches away from him and he ignored me. I think they're cool. We have a King Snake in our backyard now. He helps our terrible vole problem. X_X

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KiddNYC1O 20

btw averizzzzzle, I think it will take a little more than 19 minutes to walk 2 miles especially through DENSE woods

so did you not have a hot guy with you to give you a piggy back ride..for at least most of the way intoxicunt?

I had my family there. My dad tried carrying me part of the way. Oh, I forgot, I had to climb a barbed wire fence too. But that wasn't bad. I like climbing.

YDI for not carrying an extra pair of flipflops YDI for calling flipflops shoes YDI for living in Florida & not able to comfortably walk barefoot

61 fml is pretty much a site dedicated to who's life sucks more, and OP where the **** did u got tubeing that A) you had to walk back to your car & B) you had to walk back through the woods?? ydi

#160, no it's not. Otherwise, they'd post horrible stories, instead of, "Today, I flew a toy helicopter into my face. FML" Read the site description. #159 down there, no, it did not occur to me, since I was TUBING down the river, not WALKING. It occurred to me hours later when I started walking the two miles. Apparently, the concept of a short break before RESUMING down the river is yet another concept no one can understand. FML readers massively fail.

First of all; TEAM INTOXICUNT. #89 While you may in fact be right that literacy may not be the most important/helpful thing in the wilderness, your stupidity certainly won't help you anywhere. Also, if you think that getting laid solves bitchiness you may want to step back and look at yourself. It obviously hasn't helped you, and by just saying that you lead me to the conclusion that you're about as slutty as it gets. #160 If you had actually bothered to read the FML properly in the first place, you may have noticed the 'down the river' part.

intoxicunt- I agree with 25. big woop, waking 2 miles, I admit, it sucks, but it's not something to get worked up about,

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ok I'm gettin tirred of ppl jockin Lego's's pretty annoyin when he dies it, but when more ppl do it it's even more annoyin!!! at least he has his OWN get ur own!!!

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TEAM INTOXICUNT, and I must say most of you seriously fail at reading. :) Intoxicunt you seriously remind me of my best friend. I like you. (in a non-creepy stalker way).

whoa 16 is a hottie i agree with everyone else. i like your new pic too intoxicant. are you on your way to college now ? try not to gain the freshman 15. your face and nose will get fat if you do.

I'm in college right now. I go online, because I'm a computer nerd. And hazing sounds scary. :D Thank you. I think we all can agree #16 is beautiful. And thanks, all you awesome people who commented on this and got the story.

oh so your finally in an institution of HiGHer learning. i found out what that meant when a girl took me to Mary Jane hall for the first time. ; )

Ahaha, I think HIGH school taught me plenty of that. ;)

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Neanderthal girls spent their entire lives without shoes so walking through the forest would make no difference to them. Intoxicunt has probably spent most of her life wearing shoes outdoors so a trip through the forest WOULD make a difference.

YDI for being a whiney bitch. and for caring so much what people think of you that you rigorously police the comments on your fml. ha! idiot.

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Well, how do you think they did it in the old days... YDI for not being in touch with your ancestors... and nature!!!!

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Your picture would be more scary if there weren't pink curtains in the background.

They aren't pink they are burgundy - I lightened it up too much in photoshop :(

20- Photoshop fail. lol back to the drawing board, sir.

Nope, not a photoshop fail - since they are not pink... you failed to fail...

When enough light hits burgundy, it makes the burgundy look pink. Those curtains look pink as hell- if you darken them in PS, they won't look as dainty.

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Why did you take your shoes off anyways ?

MissRachieee 3

Well, when I went tubing, I didn't wanna get my shoes wet, so I took them off and wore watershoes. BUT, I put my shoes in my car to prevent incidents like this one.

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good job for going prepared

yup 33 great minds think alike cuz i do that too except I lost my virginity while tubing to a cactus. I grabbed more virginity hoping I wouldn't lose it this time but I did it again. Yes I know what virginity is I just wanna start a flame war like the one all the way up there ^

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You should have used hats or scraps of clothing as makeshift shoes to protect your feet. LoL OP (Intoxicunt) aren't you the person I got into an argument with over one FML that involved a girl not being able to sleep in her room when her brother came into town? I think you were. Can't say I'm sorry your feet hurt. It could have been avoided. You kinda deserved it.

Probably. I argue with a lot of people on here. I don't recognize your name, but I remember that FML. =] #14, I'm a girl. Read. -_-

I love arguing with people on this site (if they can back their point up no matter how dumb it is). Haha and you're doing it already with those idiots that are misreading your story. Keep it up! :D

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sorry just glanced over it.